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Steps To Take When Ordering Chocolate In The Summer

Melted Chocolate Delivered

Summer 2022 is in full swing & the temperatures have rised significantly. We want to provide you tips so you are aware of how to handle your chocolate during the Summer & beat the heat!

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Tips: How To Store Chocolate in Summer Heat & Humidity


If you live in an area with high heat & humidity, it may be affecting your chocolate. We want to give you as much information as we can to you to ensure your chocolate is away from the heat & moisture from the humidity. It's always good to make a note when you initially place your order to keep track of it. 

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Glazing 101: Everything You Need To Know

Cake Glaze

Glazes are an essential touch for many desserts and pastries. Glazing cakes, donuts and more have various purposes. For example, enhances the attractiveness of the pastry, cake or bun, adds moisture to the confection, which can extend the shelf life and adds a little extra flavor to the dessert! Like it's purposes, there are many different types of glazes that can be used! Whether it's drizzling to pouring to brushing applying thin or medium glazes are sure to add that extra beautiful touch to your delicious creations! 

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Easy Valentine's Heart Shaped Cake Recipe For That Special Someone

heart cake

Looking for a sentimental gift to give that special someone for Valentine's Day? What's more sentimental than creating a cake with love! Our friends over at Satin Ice have the perfect, simple recipe for a heart shaped cake to make the best gift anyone could ask for from their significant other.  

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Callebaut Chocolate Online

callebaut chocolate

Before you place your order for Callebaut chocolate online, Stover & Company wants you to feel confident and comfortable with your purchases. Here is a rundown of some details you will want to know about this popular chocolate brand.

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Baking Ideas with Barry Callebaut Chocolate


Owning your own business, especially a bakery, requires the right amount and diversity of supplies. You need to constantly have the right balance of gear and tools to get your job done efficiently. When owning a bakery, having the right tools and ingredients is essential to your business’ success.

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What to Buy From a Candy and Cake Supply

candy and cake

Stover & Comany has a huge selection of candy and cake supply products for you to choose from, and each item has been approved to meet our high standard for excellence. To help you shop for your baking and decorating supplies, here is a brief guide on what you will want to purchase from a wholesale candy and cake supply

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How to Buy Your Cake Supplies Wholesale

cake supplies wholesale

We want to take this time here to discuss some essential cake supplies wholesale that we recommend you buy to have a well-supplied kitchen. The exact brands and flavors are up to you (we can reasonably recommend any of the brands in our store) but what matters is that you choose these types of products so you can have what you need to make a wide range of cake products for any occasion. Here are our primary recommendations for the cake supplies wholesale that you should prioritize the next time you place an order for baking supplies.

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3 Best Molding Chocolate and What to Make with Them

molding chocolate

We may carry the most essential ingredients from the top-rated brands, but it can be difficult to figure out which ingredients are right for you and your bakery. Molding chocolate is just one of those ingredients that has a ton of options available.

This ingredient is ideal for melting, then using to mold in your baking. Let’s have a look at the three best molding chocolate we have in stock and what you can use them for.

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How and When to Use Merckens Chocolate Wafers in Your Bakery

merckens chocolate wafers

Your bakery requires the best supplies and ingredients so you can create the finest and most desirable baked goods. Without them, your culinary creations won’t come out the way you require, nor will they satisfy your hungry customers. However, there are some baking ingredients that have a multitude of uses along with misuses. So it’s important you know which ingredients to use where to amplify your yummy treats.

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