What to Buy From a Candy and Cake Supply

In baking, you are able to transform simple ingredients like sugar into incredible, delicious works of art. Creating and working with sweet treats is no easy task, but with the right ingredients, you can create amazing baked goods that will have your customers begging for a fresh batch. In order to do your best work, you will want to have the right ingredients within reach when you need them. That means you will want quality ingredients and ones that allow you to create all of the cakes and confections you can imagine. We would like to help you with that part.

Stover & Co has a huge selection of candy and cake supply products for you to choose from, and each item has been approved to meet our high standard for excellence. To help you shop for your baking and decorating supplies, here is a brief guide on what you will want to purchase from a wholesale candy and cake supply. This should help get you started as you begin shopping for your business.

Cake Baking Ingredients

This should be pretty straightforward for those already familiar with baking in a professional setting. A helpful candy and cake supply should have everything you need to bake any sort of cake or cupcake you might need. This includes not only the most basic raw ingredients like flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, etc. but also some more convenient baking ingredients like pre-measured baking mixes to make the process faster and easier on a regular basis.

Cake Decorating

It is good to keep a fair selection of flexible cake decorating supplies on hand that allow you to decorate in lots of different ways. When shopping for cake and candy supplies, make sure that you feel confident with the decorating supplies you choose so that you will be able to decorate a wide range of occasions. At the very least you will want buttercreams, piping gels, sprinkles, and fondants in assorted colors.

Baking With Candy

Candy products can make a great contribution to the baking process since it allows you to add a lot of flavor in one bite. You can add some chopped candy bits to your cupcakes to change up the cake's entire flavor. Some candies will also give a change of texture to the cake so that it has a nice crunch to it. How you choose to use your candies in the baking process is up to you, but you will want to find a candy and cake supply that has a good amount of options for you. Stover & Company offers lots of candy pieces to choose from and even hosts a wide selection of candy with various flavored fillings.

Decorating With Candy

The candy options you will want for decorating purposes are not too different from the ones you will use to bake. You might even want to combine the two to have a candy mixed into the batter and sprinkled on top for decoration and flavor. You may also want to use caramel or melted candy wafers to create decorative drizzles on your baked goods for color and taste. Just remember when looking for supplies to think of what you plan on using these products for.

Make Your Own Candy

If you are the most interested in making your own candy creations and just need the right ingredients to make that happen, then we have just what you need right here. You can make some very simple candies with compound chocolate or candy melt wafers. These are easy to work with since you only need to melt them down before working with them in their liquid form. You can then recast these into molds to create the shapes you want to use as cake or cupcake toppers.

You can also use some more basic ingredients to create your own hard candy. Heat up some water, sugar, and possibly corn syrup with some added color and flavorings to create the base for your hard candy. Then pour that onto a sheet tray to cool down and harden. Even with a limited experience in making candy, you can still create some beautiful, delicious treats to enjoy alone or with other baked goods as decoration.

If you were unsure of what to get from a candy and cake supply or needed some ideas of what you could do with these ingredients, we hope this helps. If you want to keep looking to find some more baking or decorating ideas, you can continue to look through our blog where we frequently discuss baking and decorating tips and must-haves. Stover & Co is always glad to be a helpful resource for bakers out there looking to experiment with different ingredients. To get started working with these kinds of ingredients, you can of course browse our product offerings and see what your kitchen might be missing.

If you need any help during the shopping process, feel free to send us a message by email at info@stovercompany.com or call 724-274-6314 during our available hours. We will be happy to answer your questions about the products we offer and what it is like to shop with us. When you are ready to start shopping for your cake and candy supplies, you know where to look and what to look out for. 


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