Everything You Need to Know About Buying Callebaut Chocolate Online

Before you place your order for Callebaut chocolate online, Stover & Company wants you to feel confident and comfortable with your purchases. Here is a rundown of some details you will want to know about this popular chocolate brand.

Why Bakers Love Callebaut Chocolate
Take a look around different professional kitchens and you will likely notice that some brands of bakery supplies are more popular with successful chefs and bakers than others. Among chocolatiers and bakers, Callebaut is a mainstay for the kitchen. It is a brand that they can respect and appreciate in their line of work since it consistently produces premium chocolate products that can be used for a wide range of recipes, from decorating to baking. So you might wonder what brings experienced professionals in the industry to use Callebaut chocolate so often in their recipes. Generally speaking, the reason is simply that Callebaut creates premium chocolate products that are highly versatile in the kitchen. This particular brand is known for creating products that are easy to work with within a professional capacity.

Callebaut has been in business now for over a century creating fine Belgian chocolate, made from high cacao content. To create their best work, chefs like to use the best ingredients that they can find and this often means Callebaut Belgian chocolate. It is rich in flavor and popular among customers who may not recognize popular brands for bakery supplies, but appreciate delicious chocolate nonetheless. Bakers have all of the materials they could ask for with Callebaut offering a full range of chocolate products: coating, mousse, liquor, Crispearls, etc. For your bakery, you too will want to use only the best ingredients available to you to create the best tasting baked goods possible. You can find Callebaut chocolate online in many forms, depending on how you work with chocolate in your kitchen. Find the right formulas and get your shelves stocked.


Colors & Flavors
The most recognizable color for chocolate is, of course, brown. It is the first color we are likely to think of when someone mentions chocolate and for good reason. It is the natural color of chocolate and the most common that we will see at any moment. However, it is important for bakers to remind themselves that there are other colors of chocolate as well that they can work with. The first one that we should bring up is white chocolate because it is the perfect blank canvas for so many other colors that you might like to use. White chocolate picks up food dye well and takes to the new color easily, so you can use oil-based candy colors to create melted down chocolate in whatever color you want for your current project. White chocolate has a tendency to be rather sweet, but not deliver too much of a strong flavor, so it works well as coating chocolate for treats. As impressive as white chocolate is for its versatility, we also want to highlight a special type of chocolate offered by Callebaut.

Along with white chocolate, Callebaut also offers some of its products with ruby red cacao. It is a stunning color of chocolate that is not very common, so it is always a treat to see it in real life. This vibrant color is the natural coloring of the ruby red cacao bean so there is no artificial dye or fruit flavoring involved to create this. You can conveniently buy ruby red Callebaut chocolate online and bring it back to your shop to work in the same way that you can purchase white or brown chocolate. It is a color that surprises many for the first time they see or taste it. Do not mistake this for white chocolate dyed a vivid hue. While its coloring is quite striking, the flavor is unique as well. Ruby red chocolate has a distinct taste that is described as being fruity with just a tinge of sourness to balance it out. It is a visually striking form of chocolate and a great option to have available to you. If you are going to buy Callebaut chocolate online, we recommend at least considering the white and ruby red varieties to go with the traditional brown chocolate. Your customers will be curious to try out this naturally red-colored chocolate and excited to see all of the colors you can create using white chocolate.

While you are considering everything we have shared here, we recommend taking a look at the Callebaut chocolate we have at Stover & Company to get a better look at each product. If you were interested in purchasing Callebaut chocolate before or you are more interested in it now, you will want to order your Callebaut chocolate online for the most convenient service possible. We have a wide range of products from the brand in different formulas, colors, and flavors, so you will be able to find what you need here. If you have any additional questions regarding this brand or want to know more specific details about the products, we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Just send us a message via email at info@stovercompany.com and we will help you in any way we can.


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