3 Best Molding Chocolate and What to Make with Them

When you own your own bakery, you know just how important certain ingredients are in comparison to others. Through trial and error, you have successfully learned to identify the most vital ingredients and which ingredients simply aren’t that necessary. One of the former ingredients is molding chocolate. You need to be able to perfectly melt and mold chocolate for more flawless, delicious, and aesthetically pleasing treats.

One of the best ways of creating the most delectable baked goods is by using molding chocolate. This type of chocolate can best assist you in decorating your delicious baked goods, amongst other vital uses. Fortunately, at Stover & Company, we have a plethora of high-quality baking ingredients and supplies to stock any bakery, including this important ingredient!

We may carry the most essential ingredients from the top-rated brands, but it can be difficult to figure out which ingredients are right for you and your bakery. Molding chocolate is just one of those ingredients that has a ton of options available.

This ingredient is ideal for melting, then using to mold in your baking. Let’s have a look at the three best molding chocolate we have in stock and what you can use them for.

1. Merckens Chocolate Wafers & Bars
Merckens chocolate wafers are one of the best molding chocolate options on the market today. These premium chocolate wafers are so ideal for melting because they have consistent and smooth quality while also being packed with chocolatey flavor. They were also specifically created for melting, making them perfect for molding, dipping, drizzling, and even as a delicious chocolatey snack!

These delicious wafers from Merckens come in a variety of flavors and colors as well, furthering their utilization. We offer them in several flavors, like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and butterscotch. We also have them in a multitude of colors, including black, pink, brown, red, peach, dark green, light green, yellow, orange, royal blue, orchid, white, and blue. There are even liquor chips if that’s what your recipe calls for!

As for the Merckens chocolate bars, they are similar in consistency, quality, and flavor. They’re ideal for melting, dipping, and molding as well! These also come in several popular kinds of chocolate, such as Zurich, Marquis, and Yucatan. They come in white, dark, and milk chocolate.

Another great feature of this delicious chocolate is that it is gluten-free, which can be perfect for many of your customers! No matter what treat you intend on making, it will undoubtedly be the talk of the town when you use this type of chocolate in it!

2. Clasen Chocolate Wafers
Another popular brand of chocolate is Clasen. Their wafers are another fine example of the best molding chocolate on the market. Much like the aforementioned wafers, the wafers from Clasen are perfect for melting, dipping, decorating-- really any other usage for premium, smooth, and rich chocolate! Plus, there is no waxy feel with these wafers.

These incredible chocolate wafers are perfect for melting and molding, especially because they don’t require any tempering. As an added bonus, they are even gluten-free and kosher! We offer these divine wafers in milk chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, and white chocolate. You really cannot go wrong with this brand!

3. ASM Chocolate
Are you looking for pristine and delicious Belgian chocolate for your molding? Then look no further than ASM’s offerings. ASM is well-known for its smooth consistency and ability to melt in your mouth when eaten rather than in your hand. They are easy to melt and mold to whatever you need them to. It’s full-bodied and just the right texture that you need from a melting and molding chocolate.

One great example of their products is their ganache, which has been long known to be a powerful product for melting and molding. We offer their delectable ganaches in white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. We also have their chocolate slabs that are 11 pounds, if that is what you prefer to use in your baking over wafers or ganache.

What to Make with Molding Chocolate
There are a ton of baked goodies that you can make with the help of molding chocolate! With the addition of this delicious ingredient, you can really amp up your bakery’s offerings and keep your customers coming back for more! You can use them in making the following yummy treats (among others, of course!):

●Chocolate candies

●Candy coatings (like on lollipops, for one example)

●Cake pops


●Cake decorations

●Cake toppings

●Rice Krispy treat dipping

No matter how you choose to use the unique and delicious powers of this type of chocolate, be sure to do it with the best molding chocolate options! With these at your disposal, they will more likely create smoother, creamier, and more consistent delectable treats.


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