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How To Make Candy Clay Using Our Sweet Shoppe Wafers

Humidity got your chocolate? No problem! Instead of throwing away your melts, instead keep them! It is still usable for molds & making candy. First, the melts are still good, they just won't have that sipping consistency for dipping. 

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6 Halloween-Themed Candy Treats You Need in Your Display Case

halloween candy and treats

Owning your own bakery can be very much like a dream come true for most pastry chefs. You are able to create your own delectable, sweet, and edible crafts while still making a generous and supportive income. The delightful experience of witnessing your creations lead to ear-to-ear smiles from customers is unparalleled and an added bonus to it all.

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What to Buy From a Candy and Cake Supply

candy and cake

Stover & Comany has a huge selection of candy and cake supply products for you to choose from, and each item has been approved to meet our high standard for excellence. To help you shop for your baking and decorating supplies, here is a brief guide on what you will want to purchase from a wholesale candy and cake supply

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Most Important Chocolate Candy-Making Tools and Supplies

chocolate candy supplies

In order to best succeed, you should have the best options available, including the ones in your display case. That’s why every bakery owner should prioritize their chocolate candy-making process. But what specific supplies could really up your chocolate candy to the next level?

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6 Cake and Candy Supplies Your Bakery Needs

cake and candy supplies

Only one thing is certain when it comes to baking: if you don’t have the right supplies, whatever you’re making won’t be good. No matter if you are making a five-tier cake or cookies, the right supplies will go a long way in terms of consistency, flavor, and presentation.

That’s what we are here for. At Stover & Company, we offer the best and most diverse cake and candy supplies for all your baking needs. We specialize in supplying all our customers and their bakeries with everything they need to satisfy their clients’ sweet tooth in whatever way they need.

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The Only Wholesale Candy Distributor to Turn To


Owning and operating a bakery, confectionary shop, chocolate shop, or any other store that sells sweet treats can be quite a busy job. There’s a lot that goes into running a business like this, and sometimes all of the demands can become quite overwhelming.

The amount of product, ingredients, paper products, and packaging, decorating tools, or even janitorial supplies you have to stock your business with would put anyone’s head in a whirlwind.

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Knowing Which Cake and Candy Supplies to Buy


Shopping for ingredients and materials for a bakery sounds like it could be a fun time as you imagine all of the beautiful goodies you plan on making. With a full refrigerator and stock shelves, a cake maker can do just about anything. But... shopping for supplies does raise a concern. Before you can actually shop for the cake and candy supplies you want, you have to first figure out what you need. You can go down the list of what you want to make and pull the ingredients from there.

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Things You Could Do With Bulk Candy Melts

candy melts

To help you make different types of decorations, you will want the best ingredients to work with. That especially includes versatile ingredients like candy melts for example. They are so easy to work with and flexible in what you can do with them, that they are a must-have for anyone decorating baked goods. If your bakery does not have a steady supply of bulk candy melts, then you are missing out.

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What Are the Essentials of a Candy Making Supply?

candy making supply

If you’re going to keep your candy making business running strong, you better not run out of these anytime soon. You need a candy making supply with the essentials, and here they are, right here at Stover & Company!

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We’re a Candy Making Supplier, Too! Pick up These Essentials!

candy making

We’re a candy making supplier, too, and we have all of the essentials you could need to make delectable sweet treats that your customers will come back for time and time again. If you’ve come across us in your search for candy making supplies, don’t miss a chance to investigate these top categories!

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