Most Important Chocolate Candy-Making Tools and Supplies

Owning and running your own bakery can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. You are able to indulge in culinary creations of your choosing on a daily basis, then supply them to happy customers. Your passion has become your means of income.

However, there are apparent challenges with owning your own bakery. You need to not only create these culinary delicacies but also constantly monitor employees, ensure you have the right supplies and ingredients in stock, call and communicate with various suppliers-- and so many, many more behind-the-scenes tasks.

That’s where we can come in at Stover and Company Inc. We can make your life and business management easier. We have everything you need to run your business efficiently and easily, as we have all the appropriate tools and ingredients to make your bakery flourish.

In order to best succeed, you should have the best options available, including the ones in your display case. That’s why every bakery owner should prioritize their chocolate candy-making process. But what specific supplies could really up your chocolate candy to the next level?

Melting Chocolate
Of course, you cannot forgo chocolate when you’re making chocolate candy for your bakery! However, not all chocolate is created equal, as you well know. There are several great options for you to stock your shop with to best improve your chocolate candy-making process.

Before getting to the types, however, you should have them available in a variety of chocolate flavors to cater to everyone’s sweet tooth: milk, dark, white, bittersweet, and ruby. Now for their variations for seamless melted chocolate.

melted chocolate

Chocolate Wafers and Bars
Two of the most popular options for melting chocolate are chocolate wafers and chocolate bars. This is because these options are made from premium chocolate and, when they are melted, they have a consistent and smooth texture. Not only that, but they have delectable chocolatey flavors!

Because of their consistencies, these types of chocolate are ideal for melting, dripping, molding, and plenty of other typical usages of melted chocolate. Therefore, these are great options for making those drool-worthy chocolate candies in your display case!

Another excellent option for utilizing in your chocolate candy-making process is couverture. This is because couverture is powerfully chocolatey and delectable. Not only that, but it provides an incomparable shine to the treats it’s added to. It also provides an unparalleled “snap” when it’s broken.

This is why couverture is so perfect for chocolate candies. It provides a smooth yet crisp finish to any treat but these traits are the most sought after in chocolate candies!

Ganache is a versatile and highly-beloved chocolate option. Not only can it be used inside cakes and pies, but it also is delectable within truffles and other chocolate candies. Because it has a ratio of 1:1 with cream and chocolate, it is much smoother, creamier, and silkier chocolate to use in any dessert.

Silicone Molding Trays
When you are making those heavenly chocolate candies, you’ll undoubtedly want them to not only taste good, but they need to look good, too! Aesthetics are vital in the bakery industry, but we doubt you need us to tell you that.

Therefore, you certainly want your chocolate candy-making to be perfect in its ingredients and aesthetics. That is where molding trays come in. We recommend silicone molding trays above all else, as these are unbreakable and extremely malleable. These are vital traits for making chocolate candy because you’ll be far less likely to break or ruin your candies with these trays.

When you purchase these trays, ensure that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Diversity is key for these trays. You should also look for seasonal types as well for times such as Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, and beyond!

It’s important to note as well that, especially with silicone molding trays, you don’t need to spray them or rub oil in them to ensure the chocolates won’t stick. As long as they are properly cooled in a refrigerator or freezer, they’ll pop right out of the molding tray without any issues!

Other Delectable Ingredients
You can always make pure chocolate candies because who doesn’t love those? However, you should also have various chocolates made with other ingredients inside these delectable bite-sized treats.

These extras could include peanut butter, almonds, cashews, coconut, caramel, hazelnut, pralines, peppermint, fruits (cherries and raspberries)-- the possibilities are endless! Chocolate candies with unique interiors and exteriors, such as drizzles or dusting of other ingredients, will go a long way with your customers!

A Double Boiler, Spoon, and Ladle
You’ll certainly need other supplies to get the job done right. You’ll need a double boiler to properly melt your chocolate to a favorable temperature and consistency. Then, you’ll need a silicone spatula for mixing the chocolate. You could opt for metal as well, as it will repel all stains and flavors, but could leave a bizarre metal taste.

Wooden spoons are also an option, but they also absorb flavors and stains, much like silicones do. This will be more dependant on your personal preference.

As for placing the melted chocolate into the molding trays, you should do this the right way. You could either pour, spoon, or ladle the chocolate into the tray parts.

What Are Popular Chocolate Candies?


Before you get to whipping out new and exciting chocolate candies for your bakery, you should be aware of the most popular types of chocolate candies to really “wow” your customers-- and to ensure you sell as many as possible.

There are many options for you, fortunately, and you really cannot go wrong with nearly any type of chocolate candies! But here is a list of some of the hottest chocolates to have available in your bakery:

●Cake pops


●Chocolate-covered rice Krispy treats

●Chocolate mousse

●Crisped rice ganache chocolates

●Coconuts balls


●Chocolate-covered nuts


●Chocolate-covered cherries and other fruits

●Coffee flavor



This is of course not an exhaustive list, but these are just some of the most popular options you could easily recreate to improve your display case!

When you are looking for the best ingredients and supplies for your chocolate candy-making process, look no further than our extensive options! We have plenty of chocolate options along with a multitude of supplies to bring out the best in your bakery!


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