6 Cake and Candy Supplies Your Bakery Needs

Only one thing is certain when it comes to baking: if you don’t have the right supplies, whatever you’re making won’t be good. No matter if you are making a five-tier cake or cookies, the right supplies will go a long way in terms of consistency, flavor, and presentation.

That’s what we are here for. At Stover & Company, we offer the best and most diverse cake and candy supplies for all your baking needs. We specialize in supplying all our customers and their bakeries with everything they need to satisfy their clients’ sweet tooth in whatever way they need.

While we know the quality of the baked goods is key, the presentation is really what “wow”s the customers, and we want you to present your undoubtedly delicious goods with jaw-dropping decorations.

So, what cake and candy supplies do your bakery absolutely need for flawless, pristine, and even delicious decorations? Here are the top six cake and candy supplies for decorating!

1. Icing
Icing is a classic must-have for any bakery to accentuate all kinds of desserts. This ingredient is imperative to most desserts’ entire appearance, like cakes, cupcakes, and pastries, but can be added to plenty of other delectable sweets, too.

Having this readily available to throw on any baked good is always a good idea. Plus, if you ever happen to make an aesthetic mistake (we know-- it’s highly unlikely), you could even hide this little boo-boo with some miracle icing. Or, if a customer requests the addition of icing, you can quickly and easily satisfy their desire.

In your bakery, be sure to have a variety of icings ready to go for any and all occasions, including caramel, chocolate, maple, vanilla, and white. You can even have more unique icings, like color icing, cream cheese, and bun schmear to add extra pizzazz and flavor. We offer large containers of this ooey gooey goodness from 15 pounds and up.

2. Sprinkles
Here is one of the most classic decorations for many sweets: sprinkles. Honestly, who doesn’t love the addition of sprinkles on their delicious dessert? They’re bright, colorful, and even add a bit of a crunch to any baked good.

Our collection of sprinkles is bountiful. We offer our bakery owners color sprinkles, sprinkle mixes, nonpareilles, and holiday sprinkles/quins. No matter the dessert and occasion, we can provide you with the perfect sprinkles to add on top.

3. Piping Gel
Piping gel is just one of those cake and candy supplies every baker needs for exceptional dessert decorations. Decorating cakes is a main part of the job, as you well know. It requires a lot of patience, artistic ability, and hard work to get it done just right. In order to successfully do that, you need the right piping gel that you can rely on.

That’s where our fine and durable piping gels come in. Have our five-pound vanilla or black vanilla piping gel on hand so you can worry less about the piping gel and more about the piping art.

4. Candy Oil Color
In order to fully bring out the artist within you, you’ll certainly need candy oil color. You can add this handy ingredient to any food with oil, such as white chocolate melts, frostings, buttercream frostings, confectionary melts, and more. You can change the colors of these delicious decorations with just a flick of the wrist.

Candy oil color can assist you in adhering to any of your customers’ needs to change colors of ingredients or to just make something your own. Why not have it available to you at any time?

5. Air Brush and Liqua-Gels
To really inspire that “wow” factor when handing over your cake, you will require the use of liqua-gels and air brushes. As baking is a true art form, drawing and writing on cakes and cupcakes is mandatory and requires the proper “art” supplies. Supplying your customers with individualized messages and pictures can be done much smoother with our high quality brushes and liqua-gels.

6. Toppings
Who doesn’t love delicious toppings on their desserts? One of the greatest ways to really bring out the expertise of your baked art is by adding the perfect toppings.

We have every topping you might need to add to your cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, and other delectable desserts. To our exceptional bakers, we supply vanilla and chocolate crunch, mini marshmallows, streusel toppings, raspberry pellets, diced bacon toppings, and far more! Whatever you need to perfect your nearly perfect creations, we got it just for you.

It’s no secret that desserts are best enjoyed when they taste their best. However, if they don’t look their best, who’s going to eat them? That’s why having these top 6 cake and candy supplies in your bakery is necessary to make your baked goods match in their flavor and beauty.


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