6 Halloween-Themed Candy Treats You Need in Your Display Case

Owning your own bakery can be very much like a dream come true for most pastry chefs. You are able to create your own delectable, sweet, and edible crafts while still making a generous and supportive income. The delightful experience of witnessing your creations lead to ear-to-ear smiles from customers is unparalleled and an added bonus to it all.

There is a wide range of treats that you could bake and serve to your clients that would create such wide grins, as cakes, pies, seasonal desserts, and much more. However, it’s the truffles and candies in your display case--especially those catering to a season or holiday-- that not only catches your customers’ attention but can also lead to remarkable satisfaction.

The only way in order to efficiently receive that type of positive feedback and to keep the customers rolling in is to supply your bakery with the precise ingredients and supplies for all of your baked goods, including your candies. That is when hiring the best wholesale candy distributor comes into play.

When hiring a wholesale candy distributor, you need to be sure that you are relying on the most dependable entity to supply you with everything you need. At Stover & Company, we can be that dependable supplier for you and your business.

As you are gathering the right ingredients and supplies to make candies for your display case, be sure to prepare for creating delectable fall and Halloween candies! In order to find some inspiration, let’s look at six candy recipes you need this Halloween season.

1. Halloween Cake Pops

You can never go wrong with adding cake pops to your display case and this is especially true for the Halloween season. You can have numerous options available for these, whether they are simply chocolate cake pops decorated with orange edible glitter or expertly designed, moldedKrispy, and embellished Frankenstein monster heads!

2. “Poison” Candy/Caramel Apples

We all know just how scrumptious candy apples can be. You can really spruce these classic concoctions up by making them a bit more spooky. You can dip them in corn syrup that has added food coloring (we suggest black, dark purple, or bright red), then stick a popsicle stick into it. You could even further this aesthetic by adding a stick instead!

If you believe that candy apples won’t get the job done well enough, you could go with the most classic version: caramel apples! You can take your delectable caramel and simply stir in food coloring (we recommend a darker color than the caramel itself).

3. Chocolate-Dipped Rice Krispy Monsters

These are perfect, especially for the kids who will undoubtedly stop by your shop at some point during the Halloween season. You can take your own homemade rice krispy treats, dip them in varying types of chocolate, let them dry, then decorate them with more melted chocolate to create various monsters!

These monsters could be anything, such as Frankenstein’s monster, mummies, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, bats-- anything Halloween-esque!

4. Pumpkin Truffles
We would be remiss to exclude truffles in this list-- or if we excluded pumpkin. So, we combined the two: pumpkin truffles. You can use any of your favorite truffle recipes, but shake them up a bit by adding pumpkin. You can also have the choice to decorate the outside of these yummy treats as well to create a jack-o-lantern look, give it edible googly eyes, or anything your heart desires!

5. Halloween-Themed Glazed Donuts/Donut Holes
Who doesn’t love a good donut any time of the year? While these may not be candies per say, they certainly belong in the display case, too. You can make your (and your customers’) favorite glazed donuts into Halloween-themed ones. For example, your vanilla glazed donuts can still be vanilla glazed, but also have a bit of chocolate in the shape of a spider web!

You could also put an orange glaze on top of some of your donuts, then decorate that glaze to make a jack-o-lantern face! And, for an added bonus, make them pumpkin spice donuts.

In order to make this recipe more like candies, you could even make them into donut holes and have them on display with varying Halloween decorations.

6. Candy Corn Truffles
One of the most classic Halloween candies is candy corn, so why not take advantage of this classic treat and combine it with a truffle recipe? You can bake truffles that have candy corn in the batter, then decorate it with a candy corn piece on top or simply follow any one of your favorite truffle recipes and toss a candy corn adornment on top!

When working closely with us at Stover & Company, we will happily supply you with everything you need to bake and create at your very best. We are proud to be your wholesale candy distributor and cannot want to see what creations you whip up this Halloween season and beyond! 



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