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How To Make Candy Clay Using Our Stover's Sweet Shoppe Wafers

Candy Clay

Humidity got your chocolate? No problem! Instead of throwing away your melts, instead keep them! It is still usable for molds & making candy. First, the melts are still good, they just won't have that sipping consistency for dipping. 

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Why Satin Ice Fondant?

Fondant on Cake

Bakers and professional cake decorators sometimes cover their cakes in fondant to preserve the freshness of the cake while at the same time giving them a delicious blank canvas to work with on which they can create their unique masterpieces. Fondant also gives cakes a beautiful sheen, even when you don’t decorate on top of it, and it can protect cakes against loss of moisture! Buy fondant online here at Stover & Company and save yourself money and time, all the while ensuring quality that you can expect from industry leading names like Satin Ice! Satin Ice Fondant is made from a premium quality recipe allowing you to create a smooth, elegant finish perfect for custom wedding, novelty, and special-occasion desserts.


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Easter Bark Recipe Using Eleven o'One European Chocolate

Easter Chocolate Bark

Easter Chocolate Bark is the perfect chocolate treat to make this spring. It's delectable, rich and just super cute! This recipe is made with little prep time and a handful of ingredients. Plus, it's a no bake recipe that is great to make with the whole family. Customize your toppings to include your favorite Easter sprinkles, candy and much more!

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Chocolate Covered Marshmallows Recipe with Stover's Sweet Shoppe Wafers

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

Our Stover's Sweet Shoppe Chocolate Compound Coating Wafers are perfect for dipping any & every treat! From strawberries to bananas to cherries, and marshmallows! This is a chocolate dipped marshmallow recipe for anyone to create! These are perfect for any season from summer camping treats to Halloween spooky bites to Christmas snowmen! 

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How To Use Stover's Sweet Shoppe Compound Coating Wafers


White & Milk Chocolate Cakesicles

Stover's Sweet Shoppe Coating Wafers are a premium brand of chocolate melts perfect for making hot chocolate bombs, molded candy, cake pops, and anything and everything in between. They melt silky, smooth for the perfect consistency every time. Plus, you don't have to be a pastry chef to use them. There's no tempering! Just melt, and they're ready to use. 

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Stover's Sweet Shoppe Coating Wafers | Preorder starts June 28th!

stover's sweet shoppe

If you haven't heard already (which I'm assuming you have if you're reading this), we're launching our own brand of compound chocolate called Stover's Sweet Shoppe Coating Wafers. We've been working on this product for over a year and are excited to debut it in Mid-July.

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