Protective Cold Packaging Add-on

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Protective Cold Packaging Add-on

To ensure your products arrive as expected, we encourage you to add our "Protective Cold Packaging Add-on'' to your cart when purchasing temperature sensitive products. If you add our Protective Cold Packaging Add-on to your order, Stover & Company will guarantee that your products arrive as expected. If you do not add the cold packaging option, we are unable to guarantee or replace melted products. 

What does this packaging include?

  • Insulated Protection Liner inside shipping box  
  • Two (2) 32oz non-toxic gel packs to keep your product cold
  • Stover & Company's guarantee that your product will arrive as expected 

How many Protective Cold Packaging Add-ons do I need for my order? 
We suggest 1 Add-on per every 50lbs of Chocolate or temperature sensitive product. 

Do you ship frozen items?
We currently only ship frozen products to approved accounts. Please contact our customer service department for additional information.

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