Ideas for Using Chocolate Chunks for Baking

As you explore new recipes to create different treats, you will likely find yourself returning to basics and looking at what you can do with simple, but flexible ingredients. One of these standby ingredients being chocolate chunks. You can use chocolate chunks for baking a wide range of treats that will excite the masses and have them lined up for seconds. There is a lot you can do with any kind of chocolate chunks that goes well beyond eating them by the palm full. Chocolate chunks are seriously a great ingredient that stands on their own in baking, without getting the same amount of praise as the smaller chocolate chip. While both are amazing, the chocolate chunk is in its own land and deserves more credit in baking. Stover & Co wants to encourage you to get creative and show us what you can do when you use chocolate chunks for baking. Consider this a little bit of inspiration to get the wheels turning.

What Are Chocolate Chunks?

Chocolate chunks can be made from larger chocolate bars, broken up into small pieces. They are not all made the same and can be found in different sizes or in different types of chocolate like white, semi-sweet, or milk chocolate. They are already sweetened and can be enjoyed as they are or transformed in some way in the kitchen. You might find chocolate chunks in trail mix to add a little sweetness, or you may see people use chocolate chunks for baking in a variety of dishes.

Why Use Chocolate Chunks for Baking Instead of Chips?

While chocolate chips and chocolate chunks are actually quite similar, they still have their own purposes in baking. Chocolate chips are good for creating an even distribution of chocolate throughout the baked good. You get less of it per bite, but as long as there are enough, you will still get them in every bite. They also tend to hold their shape pretty well when baking. When you use chocolate chunks for baking, you will get a different experience. The chocolate is more likely to melt, giving you a gooey bite. They are larger and less uniform in their sizing so they will give you more chocolate in a bite than chips would. Ultimately, the decision between the two is up to you and the recipe you wish to create.

chocolate chunks

Recipes for Chocolate Chunks

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The next time you use chocolate chunks for baking, think about making the classic chocolate chip cookie but with chunks replacing the chips. The chunks can give the cookie more of a gooey bite while it is still warm. You can also avoid overusing regular chocolate by going for white chocolate chunks instead. If you are a fan of the red velvet cake, then you may want to try a cookie's take on the recipe. Make a red velvet cookie with white chocolate chip chunks to act as the cream cheese frosting would. Both types of cookies are a great way to update a classic.

Chocolate Chunk Muffins

Who doesn't love a nice warm muffin in the morning? But you can make a delicious chocolate chunk muffin as a treat at any time in the day. Muffins can be mistaken sometimes as solely a breakfast item, but with delicious chocolatey recipes, that will likely change. For a lighter taste to a muffin, you can work on a recipe involving white chocolate chunks with cranberries and nuts mixed in. This will give you a good balance between sweetness and freshness to make the muffin great for any occasion.

Extra Chocolate Brownies & Blondies

Double down on chocolate the next time you make a batch of brownies by incorporating chocolate chunks into the batter. The serious chocolate fiends out there will love biting into a warm brownie and getting some bursts of partially melted chocolate mixed in there. As delicious as they are, blondies do not get enough love. Maybe you could draw in some of the chocolate lovers to try out more blondies by including chocolate chunks into the mix. It won’t be so much that chocolate takes over the blondie’s brown sugary goodness, but enough to play with the flavor a bit.

We hope that all of this has helped you to feel inspired to bake and to write up new recipes of your own using chocolate chunks. Try out your own versions of any of these recipes and switch up some ingredients until they are entirely new. An easy way to get going is to modify classic recipes with the addition of chocolate chunks. If this is only the starting point for you, then we hope that where it ends is with a nice selection of delicious baked goods, all made using chocolate chunks. Stover & Co is excited to see what treats you all come up with and we are always happy to provide the chocolate chunks for baking.


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