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Steps To Take When Ordering Chocolate In The Summer

Melted Chocolate Delivered

Summer 2022 is in full swing & the temperatures have rised significantly. We want to provide you tips so you are aware of how to handle your chocolate during the Summer & beat the heat!

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Tips: How To Store Chocolate in Summer Heat & Humidity


If you live in an area with high heat & humidity, it may be affecting your chocolate. We want to give you as much information as we can to you to ensure your chocolate is away from the heat & moisture from the humidity. It's always good to make a note when you initially place your order to keep track of it. 

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Let's Talk About Our Eleven o'one Couverture Chocolate

Eleven o'one Couverture Chocolate

Couverture is the name that was given to a certain class of high-quality chocolate. Couverture chocolate is known as a higher-quality baking chocolate because it contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Many bakers like about the quality is that it’s tempered with precision. When melted with proper tempering, this quality blend gives a more shiny appearance of the chocolate. Here at Stover & Company, our Eleven o'one Belgian Couverture Chocolate comes in five different variations, from our Thirty Three White to our Seventy Dark, you are sure to find the right high quality European taste for all of your treats! 

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Callebaut Chocolate Online

callebaut chocolate

Before you place your order for Callebaut chocolate online, Stover & Company wants you to feel confident and comfortable with your purchases. Here is a rundown of some details you will want to know about this popular chocolate brand.

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3 Best Molding Chocolate and What to Make with Them

molding chocolate

We may carry the most essential ingredients from the top-rated brands, but it can be difficult to figure out which ingredients are right for you and your bakery. Molding chocolate is just one of those ingredients that has a ton of options available.

This ingredient is ideal for melting, then using to mold in your baking. Let’s have a look at the three best molding chocolate we have in stock and what you can use them for.

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5 Ways to Use Unsweetened Dark Chocolate in Your Baked Goods

unsweetened dark chocolate

Chocolate is a food that nearly everybody can agree is delectable and divine. It’s delicious, of course, but it also triggers the release of both endorphins and serotonin in the brain. Therefore, it makes our taste buds happy, our stomachs happy, and yes-- even our brains happy. It is an edible pleasure that nearly everyone enjoys.

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Easy Summer Dessert Recipes: Chocolate Dipped Bananas

chocolate covered bananas

How much could a banana cost, Michael, $10?

If you know where that's from - you know what's up.

Pro tip: freeze your bananas ahead of time
The next addition in our Easy Summer Dessert Recipes is an oldie but a goodie - Chocolate Covered Bananas.

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Merckens Chocolate: The Ultimate Candy Making Chocolate

merckens chocolate

Many confectioners prefer the beautiful glossy sheen, crisp snap and delectably unctuous mouthfeel of couverture chocolate, and use it in all of their baking and candy making. However, high quality couverture chocolates, which are carefully formulated and concocted by extremely experienced chocolatiers (such as those as Callebaut) are made with a sensitive balance of cocoa solids and cocoa liquids.

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Why Your Kitchen Should Stock Up on Pillsbury Chocolate Cake Mix

chocolate cake mix

As any baker knows, chocolate cake is a staple on the menu. It is a type of product that people will ask for even if they did not read the menu to see what the offerings were. It is just something that everyone expects to see in a bakery at this point. That is why it is so important for a bakery to have a solid understanding of how they will produce their chocolate cakes and cupcakes on a daily basis. One way that many professional kitchens have found success in preparing these cakes is by using Pillsbury chocolate cake mix as the base for their baked goods. It is a fantastic product that has a lot to offer you and your customers.

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Things You Could Do With Bulk Candy Melts

candy melts

To help you make different types of decorations, you will want the best ingredients to work with. That especially includes versatile ingredients like candy melts for example. They are so easy to work with and flexible in what you can do with them, that they are a must-have for anyone decorating baked goods. If your bakery does not have a steady supply of bulk candy melts, then you are missing out.

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