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Steps To Take When Ordering Chocolate In The Summer

Melted Chocolate Delivered

Summer 2022 is in full swing & the temperatures have rised significantly. We want to provide you tips so you are aware of how to handle your chocolate during the Summer & beat the heat!

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5 Ways to Use Unsweetened Dark Chocolate in Your Baked Goods

unsweetened dark chocolate

Chocolate is a food that nearly everybody can agree is delectable and divine. It’s delicious, of course, but it also triggers the release of both endorphins and serotonin in the brain. Therefore, it makes our taste buds happy, our stomachs happy, and yes-- even our brains happy. It is an edible pleasure that nearly everyone enjoys.

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Easy Summer Dessert Recipes: Chocolate Dipped Bananas

chocolate covered bananas

How much could a banana cost, Michael, $10?

If you know where that's from - you know what's up.

Pro tip: freeze your bananas ahead of time
The next addition in our Easy Summer Dessert Recipes is an oldie but a goodie - Chocolate Covered Bananas.

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Things You Could Do With Bulk Candy Melts

candy melts

To help you make different types of decorations, you will want the best ingredients to work with. That especially includes versatile ingredients like candy melts for example. They are so easy to work with and flexible in what you can do with them, that they are a must-have for anyone decorating baked goods. If your bakery does not have a steady supply of bulk candy melts, then you are missing out.

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The Best Molding Chocolate for Your Favorite Treats


Chocolate, being the universally loved ingredient that it is, is also extremely versatile. People’s love for chocolate has transcended into more than just a sweet treat that is occasionally eaten for dessert. Chocolate has become a multifaceted, multi-use ingredient that can be found in several different applications.

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Ideas for Using Chocolate Chunks for Baking

chocolate chunks

As you explore new recipes to create different treats, you will likely find yourself returning to basics and looking at what you can do with simple, but flexible ingredients. One of these standby ingredients being chocolate chunks. You can use chocolate chunks for baking a wide range of treats that will excite the masses and have them lined up for seconds.

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The Beauty of Van Leer Chocolate

van leer chocolate

Chocolate is a universally loved ingredient. As a child, chocolate was in your life more than you could remember. Your friends and family’s birthday parties were most likely centered around the highly anticipated time to cut the cake, which most likely had some variation of chocolate in or on it.

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Inspiring Uses for White Couverture Chocolate

white chocolate

If you’re looking for some unique inspiration for what you can do with white couverture chocolate, you’re in luck. We might be your preferred wholesale distributor of baking ingredients, and though our specialty doesn’t necessarily lie in our depot of experience, we still like to keep a few aces up our sleeves for the benefit of our customers.

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Everything You Need to Know About Merckens Chocolate Melts

merckens chocolate

Chocolate is one of those things that everyone and their mother loves. Or, if you don’t love chocolate, then you will be deemed a social outcast. Chocolate has been around for a very long time and over the years, it has been transformed over and over again. This sweet confection is multi-faceted, has many different types of flavors, can be used in an astounding variety of different ways, and is downright delicious.

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Hot Chocolate Bombs: The Newest Viral Chocolate Craze

hot cocoa bombs

If you’re an avid social media user or just not living under a rock, you’ve probably seen a few viral videos circulating your Facebook or Instagram feeds featuring a mysterious chocolate ball that is being dropped into warm milk. After being submerged in the heated milk, the chocolate ball suddenly melts, unveiling a filling of hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows. These yummy looking chocolate balls have coined the term “hot chocolate bombs.”

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