The History Behind Donuts and Dawn Donut Mix

Donuts have become one of America’s most loved sweet treats. We can’t think of a better way to start the morning than with these handheld rings of fried dough covered in glaze. Donuts, although seemingly simple, has a rich history behind them, as do most pastries. Donuts are not just some fried food that trendy shops pile on crazy toppings with. Just like anything else, donuts have a story.

As many of us can recognize donuts as something we all loved as a kid, the history behind donuts is debatable. The act of frying dough was not a new concept for many people when donuts were first created. We can’t pinpoint exactly who was the ultimate originator of donuts, but we do know some moments where donuts were culturally significant.

History of Donuts

The first origins of donuts date back to the 19th century. The Dutch were known to make something called, “oil cakes” which were filled with nuts, fruit, and other sweet fillings. As Duch people immigrated to America, the culture they were surrounded by influenced how they made their oil cakes, which then transformed into what we know today as donuts.

The issue with these oil cakes was that the center wouldn’t cook as fast as the exterior, as to why they stuffed these balls of dough with fillings that didn’t require cooking. To combat this issue, a man by the name of Hansen Gregory put a hole through the dough, which allowed it to cook faster and more evenly.

Thus, the donut that we are used to today was born. The name behind donuts is still somewhat debatable, as well. Some claim it was due to the nuts that were stuffed into the balls of dough before the hole punch idea came about. Others claim it’s a combination of the name “dough knots.” Nevertheless, because of Dutch immigrants, we have what we now know in modern-day as yummy donuts.

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Why We Love Dawn Donut Mix

A product we have available to our customers is our options of Dawn donut mix. We understand the difficulties that come with running your bakery or confectionery business. Sometimes, you can’t make everything from scratch, and that’s ok! By purchasing the donut mixes from our online store, you can craft delicious donuts every time you plan to make them!

Just like the origin of donuts, Dawn brand donut mixes have a history of their own. According to the Dawn website, this company started as a family business, much like us at Stover & Company. The Dawn donut mix is the single product that helped get their business off the ground! Bakers then and now saw first hand that the cake donut mixes from Dawn produced the same consistent, delicious, and high performing donuts each and every time.

The ingredients from Dawn donuts are the highest quality possible, which is why they are so well-loved in bakeries across the country. Due to their high demand and good standing reputation in the baking world, that’s why we at Stover & Company trust their products enough to be sold on our website.

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With the donut mixes from Dawn, there is a lot of variety to choose from. No matter what type of donut you want to make for your bakery, you can find it within Dawn products. Choose from delicious flavors like strawberry, apple spice, red velvet, or old fashioned sour cream. The possibilities are endless when choosing donut mixes from Dawn.

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Why Stover & Company

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