Why We Are the Right Bakery Distributor for You

There is nothing worse than using an undependable and lacking distributor when you’re stocking your bakery. This can lead to disastrous complications, such as unhappy customers, unfinished orders, delays, high costs, and so much more. One of the biggest issues is that you can be further taken away from your dream and vision. Finding the right bakery distributor is arguably the most important part of successfully running your own bakery and making that dream come true.

Stover & Company Inc. is just what you’re looking for. We are a highly skilled, motivated, and driven bakery distributor that takes pride in supplying all of our customers with the supplies and ingredients they need for flawless baking. We want our customers to succeed and want their customers to be happy.

So what exactly makes us the best bakery distributor for your business?

Size Agility

Whether you require products for your bakery or your kitchen, we have you covered. There is no minimum size or cost for any order. Therefore, you can accurately and efficiently stock your bakery or even your home with the right ingredients for the right baking needs. If you order something for $1 or $1,000, it’s on its way to you without question.

Online Orders

Is there really anything better than ordering what you want from the comfort of your own home? If you aren’t a fan of calling in your orders, then you can easily select what you want on our online platform, pay online, and get your products sent to you. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

On the topic of payments, we also offer a plethora of options for your convenience. We accept all major credit cards. If you aren’t comfortable with our secure payment system, then feel free to use PayPal or PayPal credit. Still not satisfied with these options? Then use your digital wallet with Amazon, Google, or Apple.

Or, if you would rather go the more traditional and direct route of mailing checks or making wire-ACH payments, you have that capability as well. No matter how you pay, we accept.

Shipping Capabilities

Anywhere your baking needs have to go, we will send them there. We ship our supplies domestically and internationally, no matter the end price. If you place your order before 12:00 PM EST, we ship your order the same day so that you can put your baking needs to work sooner. Or, if you place an express order before 1:30 PM EST, we will ship it the same day, too.

We know that shipping products isn’t without occasional faults. If you ever run into any shipping issues, we have your back. Our customer service is quick, patient, and helpful. We are always looking to solve any shipping (or other) issues rapidly and efficiently, so you can take comfort in knowing that we are keeping your happiness at the forefront of our minds.

Baking Ingredients

And now onto our stellar products that are bound to enhance your baked goods. We know that everybody loves chocolate (it’s really what makes the world go round, right?), so it’s imperative that our customers have tons of options in chocolate ingredients. Our chocolate inventory will certainly not disappoint: cocoa powder, chocolate ganache, fudge, compound chocolate, slab chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa flakes, and so on. The chocolate possibilities are endless.

But it’s not only chocolate we offer. Our baking ingredients are bountiful, from caramel and peanut butter to shortening and pie crusts, we have everything you need to make your desserts decadent.

Baking Supplies

While having the specific ingredients to bake into your desserts are important to have, it’s just as important to have the right tools handy to make them. Fortunately, we have plenty of those, too.

We have all kinds of supplies to make your baking happen: cookie trays, cake drums, plastic containers, cupcake inserts, baking cups, liners, doilies, wax paper, and much more. No matter what your baked goods need in order to be, we have them ready to go for you.

Decorating Supplies

It’s undeniable that your baked goods are delicious. But we can’t forget that it’s equally as important to have beautiful and aesthetically pleasing desserts. No matter what you might need in order to make your cake, pie, or other desserts to look their best, we have it. Edible glitter, piping gels, candy oil coloring, sprinkles, liquagels and air brushes, icing, fondant, frostings, toppings-- the possibilities are endless. We supply you with the best decorating tools in order to make your baked goods complete, inside and out.

Stover & Company Inc. is a bakery distributor that is proud to serve its customers with the right and best supplies, ingredients, and tools to best enhance their baked goods and desserts. If you have any questions about our offerings, please call us at 724-274-6314. We are happy to help satisfy your bakery needs! 


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