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A Guide to Piping Bags for Cake Decorating

Piping tips

Have you ever seen a beautifully decorated cake & wondered how the baker created those symmetrical flowers, endless swirls or perfect piping? Just like any craft, a baker uses special tools to achieve these classic styles. Let’s explore some of these tried & true cake decorating tools!

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A Pecan Coffee Cake Recipe to Warm the Heart

Pecan Coffee Cake Recipe

Autumn is quickly approaching & it’s time to break out your cinnamon, pecans & pumpkin spice to embrace this cozy season. Nothing warms our heart quite like a family fall recipe. Here's one from our family archives that’s sure to be a hit at your next family event: Pecan Coffee Cake!

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Why Satin Ice Fondant?

Fondant on Cake

Bakers and professional cake decorators sometimes cover their cakes in fondant to preserve the freshness of the cake while at the same time giving them a delicious blank canvas to work with on which they can create their unique masterpieces. Fondant also gives cakes a beautiful sheen, even when you don’t decorate on top of it, and it can protect cakes against loss of moisture! Buy fondant online here at Stover & Company and save yourself money and time, all the while ensuring quality that you can expect from industry leading names like Satin Ice! Satin Ice Fondant is made from a premium quality recipe allowing you to create a smooth, elegant finish perfect for custom wedding, novelty, and special-occasion desserts.


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Spring Banana Cake Recipe with Delicious Glaze

Banana Cake Recipe

This banana cake with cake mix is the perfect quick fix to your favorite treat! If you’re in the mood to make banana cake, but don’t want the strenuous clean-up that comes after baking, just make one using a cake mix! Just because this is a short recipe, doesnt mean this is not a homemade-like this banana cake is extremely moist, tender, and full of banana flavor.

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Glazing 101: Everything You Need To Know

Cake Glaze

Glazes are an essential touch for many desserts and pastries. Glazing cakes, donuts and more have various purposes. For example, enhances the attractiveness of the pastry, cake or bun, adds moisture to the confection, which can extend the shelf life and adds a little extra flavor to the dessert! Like it's purposes, there are many different types of glazes that can be used! Whether it's drizzling to pouring to brushing applying thin or medium glazes are sure to add that extra beautiful touch to your delicious creations! 

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Spring/Summer Recipe: Lemon Pound Cake

Lemon Pound Cake Recipe

Whether it's for a spring fling party or summer picnic this lemon pound cake recipe is the perfect treat! As a dense, moist and rich lemon flavor, it's the perfect dessert that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

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Easy Valentine's Heart Shaped Cake Recipe For That Special Someone

heart cake

Looking for a sentimental gift to give that special someone for Valentine's Day? What's more sentimental than creating a cake with love! Our friends over at Satin Ice have the perfect, simple recipe for a heart shaped cake to make the best gift anyone could ask for from their significant other.  

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What to Buy From a Candy and Cake Supply

candy and cake

Stover & Comany has a huge selection of candy and cake supply products for you to choose from, and each item has been approved to meet our high standard for excellence. To help you shop for your baking and decorating supplies, here is a brief guide on what you will want to purchase from a wholesale candy and cake supply

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How to Buy Your Cake Supplies Wholesale

cake supplies wholesale

We want to take this time here to discuss some essential cake supplies wholesale that we recommend you buy to have a well-supplied kitchen. The exact brands and flavors are up to you (we can reasonably recommend any of the brands in our store) but what matters is that you choose these types of products so you can have what you need to make a wide range of cake products for any occasion. Here are our primary recommendations for the cake supplies wholesale that you should prioritize the next time you place an order for baking supplies.

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Yes, Sweetex Shortening Has Advantages over Butter [Here’s What They Are]

Cake Shortening

Sweetex Shortening, specifically our Sweetex Golden Flex Cake and Icing Shortening, features a non-PHO formulation and is superior to many other shortenings for spreadability, color, texture, and flavor.

But Sweetex Shortening is not simply better than so many other shortenings. It also has its place in any baker’s arsenal where its many advantages over butter will earn it a top spot.

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