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Owning and operating your own business comes with its own set of difficulties. However, owning and operating your own bakery or confectionery business has a whole other set of difficulties that needs to be dealt with. Not to say that owning or working for a bakery is tough, but there are special needs that need to be met in order for things to run smoothly and effectively.

By owning a business that's sole purpose is to bake, craft, and sell tasty treats to your community or even nationwide. This means you need a lot of different ingredients, at high proportions to allow high volumes of product to be made at a time.

So, your top priority is trying to find a wholesale bakery supply distributor that is trustworthy and holds the kinds of ingredients, supplies, and products that are needed for your bakery business. This won’t be difficult, though, with the help of Stover & Company.

Whichever type of business you own, whether that be simply making yummy desserts like cupcakes, pastries, cookies, or things of that nature or a fancy chocolatier shop specializing in handmade chocolate creations, consider choosing Stover & Company are your default wholesale cake supplies distributors.

Why Stover & Company?

Stover & Company is a leading wholesale cake supplies distributor and always makes sure to carry thousands of high-quality packaged and frozen products, as well as essential and crucial baking ingredients. This company also carries a wide range of chocolate products such as the well-known Merckens chocolate and the delicious varieties of couverture chocolate.

If you happen to love to work with chocolate in your cake creations, you will be able to find all of the chocolate products like cocoa powders, chocolate mousses, fudge-making supplies, ganaches, and cocoa butter for everything type of chocolate cake or cupcake recipe you can think of.

In the cake baking business? No need to worry, because you will be able to supply your bakery with the top brands of cake products. Choose from popular brands of cake mix like Pillsbury or find some tasty pre-packaged cakes from Maplehurst. No matter what you need in regards to cake supplies, Stover & Company has got you covered.

This distributor also has many types of bakery ingredients for whatever cake recipe you are making in your kitchen. At Stover & Company, we stock our website full of high-quality cake supplies including multiple different types of flours, various dairy products, and all kinds of sugars for a full range of different cakes and other bakery items you could pull out of your recipe book.

At Stover & Company, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with anything and everything you could possibly need for their bakery or confectionery business. Our fourth-generation family-owned and operated business started from the bottom, and over the years has expanded to multiple networks of warehouses and is fully equipped with a 30,000 square foot freezer space. That means we are fully prepared and ready to house any type of ingredient, product, or bakery supply you can think of.

Our incredible bakery product and supply distributor does not only carry great cake and chocolate products but also provides everything a bakery business will ever need. By browsing around our website, you will be able to find products like pie fillings, seeds, nuts, and oats, peanut butter, leaveners, several types of mixes and bases, coconut products, and even candy-making supplies.

If you are interested in other types of products to help make items other than cake, we have got you covered. Stover & Company is the one-stop-shop for all things needed in a wholesale cake supplies distributor.

The team at Stover & Company is ultimately dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products, services, and supplies they need for their businesses to succeed. Stover & Company acknowledges that it is our responsibility to provide the best service possible to help uplift and serve our fellow community members and business owners. Our passion for quality bakery products is evident under the business practices and we will be here for as long as we can.

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If you like what you see from Stover & Company, don’t be shy and go check out our website right now! Our user-friendly website is home to thousands of amazing products that will satisfy all of your baking ingredient needs. Browse through hundreds of different products and ingredients to stock your bakery shelves with.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at 724-274-6314. Our knowledgeable team will be able to help you with any product inquiry or general questions you may have. You’re this close to finding the perfect wholesale cake supplies distributors for your culinary business.


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