6 Holidays Season Treats Every Bakery Needs

As the holiday season swiftly approaches, you will need to properly stock your bakery with the right ingredients and other supplies to make the magic happen. You’ll need more now than you have during nearly any other time of the year, as you know sales are through the roof as customers prepare to gather and eat with friends and family.

In their preparations, they’ll require purchasing the most delectable and enjoyable treats to bring to their celebrations. That’s where you and your business come in. You are their dependable baker who always has the best desserts and treats that they can proudly provide their loved ones-- and that is a true honor.

However, it can be extremely overwhelming to get everything ready for your customers, especially during the busy holiday season. That is why you should consider working with us at Stover & Company. We are one of the top wholesale bakery supply distributors in the market today, as we are dependable, affordable, and have a plethora of products to make your bakery a great one.

As one of the best wholesale bakery supply distributors out there, you can trust us in not only supplying you with the ingredients and other supplies you need but also in our guidance and expertise. That’s why we are here to inform you of the most necessary baked goods for the three most popular holidays in the holiday season: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

Did you know that the average American consumes about 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving? Naturally, there are a lot of different dishes that contribute to this caloric intake, but especially because of the many delectable pies, cakes, cookies, and other yummy desserts that are specific for this holiday.

Pumpkin Pie


The most popular dessert on Thanksgiving is none other than the famed pumpkin pie. A smooth mixture of pumpkin with a host of spices, like nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and ginger, it is a beloved pie any time of the year, be especially on Thanksgiving Day.

That is why it is so important for you to have plenty of pumpkin pies ready to go for this particular holiday, as they are likely to be your most sold.

Pecan Pie
The second most popular dessert for Thanksgiving is the moist and nutty pecan pie. This Southern creation has been a staple of Thanksgiving since its beginning in the 1930s. Therefore, you should have this in your bakery, as it’s a country-wide beloved sweet treat.

Hanukkah’s dates vary year to year, so it is important to do your research beforehand to have your ingredients ready to go. In 2021, Hanukkah starts the evening of Sunday, November 28th, and ends the evening of Monday, December 6th. Let’s have a look at desserts and sweets you need to have ready to go during these eight days.



Sufganiyot (pronounced “soof-GAH-NEE-yote”) are Jewish traditional desserts that are deep-fried doughnuts, which are filled with either custard or jelly, and typically topped with powdered sugar. This delicious dessert will be bound to satisfy all of your customers during Hanukkah!

A dense and delicious braided loaf (actually a cake that looks like bread) filled with layers of chocolate or cinnamon-- who could dislike this combination of flavors? Have this yummy dessert at the ready for any Hanukkah celebrators and you will see smiles all around-- from them and plenty of other customers who try it!

It’s no secret that Americans indulge in a slew of sweet treats during and around Christmas: Christmas cookies, pies, cakes, chocolates-- the list goes on and on. Americans love their Christmas dinners, but it’s more about the most important meal of all: dessert.



Although it may sound unfair to simply put an entire group of desserts here and not clarify one specific type, we promise that all need to be mentioned here. There is a large variety of different cookies during the Christmas season that you should have available in your bakery:

●Gingerbread men
●Sugar cookies
●Neopolitan cookies
●Peanut butter blossoms
●Thumbprint cookies
●Soft Christmas-themed cookies

You really can have fun with this, though, as there are many popular options to choose from for Christmas cookies. However, take into account this statistic when baking Christmas cookies: 62% of Americans prefer chewy cookies over crispy.

Apple Pie
That’s right: this centuries-old dessert should make an appearance during Christmas celebrations. A dessert filled with apples and a soft, flaky crust with either a double-laced or solid top crust is easily a Christmas (or anytime) favorite. Having this classic dessert available for your customers this Christmas season won’t be a decision you’ll regret!

Are you ready to stock your bakery with the right ingredients to create the above holiday-specific treats? Then, being your favorite wholesale bakery supply distributors, you should browse our many bakery products and other offerings to do so! Give us a call today at 724-274-6314 if you have any questions! Happy Holidays!


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