Why Your Kitchen Should Stock Up on Pillsbury Chocolate Cake Mix

As any baker knows, chocolate cake is a staple on the menu. It is a type of product that people will ask for even if they did not read the menu to see what the offerings were. It is just something that everyone expects to see in a bakery at this point. That is why it is so important for a bakery to have a solid understanding of how they will produce their chocolate cakes and cupcakes on a daily basis. One way that many professional kitchens have found success in preparing these cakes is by using Pillsbury chocolate cake mix as the base for their baked goods. It is a fantastic product that has a lot to offer you and your customers.

Flavors You Trust

An important part of any business is providing consistency for your customers. They should be able to buy from your shop any day of the week and know with complete confidence that they are going to be receiving the same high standard of products and service as they did the last time. For a bakery, that translates to consistent recipes across the board for an extended period of time. With Pillsbury chocolate cake mix, you can feel confident that you are getting the amount of consistency you need to have a great lineup of baked goods your customers love. Pillsbury is a major name in the food industry, with popular baking mixes going back decades. It is a name that you know you can trust to deliver quality formulas every time you open a new package. That is part of the reason why we are proud to carry such a wide range of their products at Stover & Company. Their measurements are spot on and the flavors are there each and every time. Using Pillsbury chocolate cake mix or any flavor of cake mix from Pillsbury guarantees you a great recipe each time you use their products. These are flavors and recipes you can always rely on.

Chocolate Done Right

Chocolate is one of those classic flavors that people just adore, right alongside yellow and white cake. If we are being honest here, as amazing and delicious as chocolate cake is, it is pretty easy to mess up. Even people who love this flavor of cake will admit that. There are so many different brands and recipes for chocolate cake that just cannot seem to find that perfect balance of flavors so that the cake is moist, fluffy, sweet, and very importantly, chocolatey. It is hard to get that rich chocolate taste right, so you often get a cake that just seems to be lacking that signature flavor's pop. That being said, when you do get chocolate cake done right, it is absolutely delicious and sends people right back to the best memories of their childhoods. Because of this, when you are able to find a fantastic chocolate cake recipe that hits all the right notes, you have to celebrate and hold onto that recipe. Pillsbury chocolate cake mix is one of those wonderful examples of chocolate flavors done right. When you are on the hunt for the perfect chocolate cake recipe, you only need to look for the Pillsbury chocolate cake mix to fill your shelves.

Streamline Your Day

Considering how popular chocolate cake is, you should expect to receive a good number of orders for it on a daily basis. In order to keep up with demands, you will want to make your staple products the easiest to execute. In this case, that means you want your chocolate cake recipe to be quick and easy to pull off every time. Having a cake mix take some of the burden off of your back might be the wisest decision you could do for yourself and your staff. The last thing you would want is to stress out every day over the most popular products. A cake mix can take some of the stress off your shoulders, and help you to handle the day-to-day much more easily.

Make Prep Time Faster

Part of what makes Pillsbury chocolate cake mix such a stress relief on a daily basis is its efficiency. This cake mix can help you to prepare your dishes much faster and with fewer steps. The dry ingredients are already prepared for you, so you can skip over several steps and get your cake batter in the oven almost immediately.

At Stover & Company, we are pretty particular about our chocolate cake recipes. And we have had plenty of experience with chocolate cake recipes from a number of brands, so we feel confident in what we are talking about here. Pillsbury chocolate cake mix is a great go-to product for any bakery to have and utilize regularly. The consistency, taste, efficiency, and convenience all add up to a fantastic product that is most definitely worthy of sitting on your kitchen shelves. Anyone looking to update their current chocolate cake recipe would do well to check out the Pillsbury mix as a great starting point. 


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