Essential Bakery Packaging Supplies Your Shop Needs

In order to properly run a bakery, you need to make sure that you have all the right supplies. Every step of the way, you want to have everything you need to create your baked goods, decorate them, and place them into the hands of your patient customers. While you may have already considered the pans and piping bags, you may not have given as much thought to the bakery packaging supplies you will need. Before your hard work can be delivered to and enjoyed by the customers, they need to be packaged safely and securely in appropriate packaging. To help make things more clear so that you will be able to identify all of the bakery packaging supplies you have been missing, we are going to list out some of the most important packaging supplies you should consider for your own shop. Stover & Co carries a wide selection of bakery supplies, including packaging products, so you can find all of these items right here when you go to replenish your supplies. With all of the right materials on hand, you will be able to confidently package and present your delicious pastries to your customers. Now let’s go down the list and see what it is you need to stock up on.

Cake Containers

Seeing as cakes are a staple in most bakeries, let's start off there. Your bakery might send full-sized cakes and cake slices out the door on a daily basis, which would mean it is important that you have secure, attractive cake boxes and containers to keep up with the demand. Depending on what your bakery offers, you may want to have suitable plastic containers for full-sized cakes, half cakes, or even individual slices. For the full-sized cakes, you will also want to remember to purchase corrugated circles to act as a base for the cakes in their containers. They keep the cakes supported and create a smooth base so that the cakes will not break apart into the uneven surface of the container. You will want one of these for each cake container, so make sure you purchase the same amount. It helps to buy them at the same time to keep track. Half-sized cakes are essentially the same, but only require half of a corrugated cardboard circle, so you can get away with cutting your boards in half to use for these. For larger special occasion orders like wedding cakes, you will also want to purchase cake drums to act as a support for the cakes, also making them easier to transport, and contribute to the overall appearance of the cakes.

Cookie Trays & Domes

Cookies are another big seller and bakery staple all year long. They especially pick up during the holiday seasons when people are preparing for festivities with large orders of fresh baked cookies. In order to keep up with these larger orders, you will want to have containers that are fit for the job. You can purchase cookie domes for these exact occasions, so you will always be ready to sell larger batches of cookies and fulfill more of these orders regularly as customers see that you are reliable for these kinds of orders. While you are purchasing your cookie domes and trays, you might also want to add doilies to the mix to act as a base for the cookies. They make the packaging look a bit nicer and are fairly inexpensive.

Baking Cups & Liners

If cupcakes are a bestseller in your bakery, you will want to stay well-supplied on cupcake liners that are the perfect fit for your pans. Stover & Co actually carries a wide selection of bakery liners in different sizes, so regardless of your pan sizes, you will be able to find what you need here. This extends beyond cupcakes as well and goes into other baked goods that require fluted liners like certain cakes or tarts. These are critically important because liners play an active role in both the baking and presentational side of preparing your products. They allow you to bake these kinds of products in their own containers and contribute to the appearance of your baked goods for your customers to see. Examine the exact sizes and shapes you will need for your products and choose those when you shop.


Cupcake Trays & Inserts

Depending on how you choose to present your cupcakes to your customers, you will want either plastic trays that are designed to hold cupcakes specifically, or you will want cupcake inserts that can be used in conjunction with bakery boxes. Cupcake inserts can be added to bakery boxes to give designated slots for cupcakes to go. This might be a good choice if you want to create a more sophisticated appearance for your cupcakes, but it will require you to stock up on even more bakery boxes to fill the need. With plastic cupcake containers, you get something more specific that can hold a half dozen or full dozen cupcakes securely at a time. Either way, you choose to package and present your cupcakes, you have all the supplies you need here.

Paper & Plastic Bags

For in-store purchases, you will need paper and plastic bags to carry products out the door. Paper bags are normally best for smaller orders of a few pastries, whereas plastic bags are better for larger purchases. With everything they order in-person, your customers will need a secure bag to hold everything. These are essential bakery packaging supplies that you really cannot go without if you have a physical storefront where customers go to pick up their orders. You can buy these in bulk to make sure that you have enough of both or either kind. You will most likely need to use a combination of the two types of bags. Also, keep in mind that longer loaves of bread will need their own paper bags of the correct length.

Bakery Boxes

Your business will probably rely on bakery boxes for a great number of baked goods and orders. These boxes can be used for just about any kind of item in your bakery from cookies and croissants to donuts and cream puffs. When you pick these up for your business, consider the sizes you expect you will need the most of and the general appearance you want them to have. You can choose between a few different colors, although white is the most popular. And you also have the option for bakery boxes with or without the transparent window that lets your customers take a peek at their goodies before opening up the lid. These are important packaging supplies because they cover so many products and can be used for a mix of various baked goods at a time. Medium to large orders will need appropriate boxes to be delivered to customers.

Assorted Plastic Containers

Much like bakery boxes, plastic containers will work for a wide range of baked goods. You can find plastic containers in assorted sizes that will fit various pastries at a time for orders that involve an assortment of baked goods. Some containers, however, are more specialized so they will fit certain items more easily. It will be easy to find the right fit for your pies or slices specifically. Because of how flexible these are, you can use them as you see fit. They will hold all sorts of baked goods, so it is up to you to decide what are the best sizes to order for your menu.

Wrapping Products

Plastic wrap is an essential bakery supply because of how useful it is when creating products and preserving them. Plastic wrap, also known as cling wrap or food service film, is used to wrap up food products to preserve them so that they stay fresh longer. This material allows for oxygen and moisture to pass through, which keeps your baked goods stay in good condition without drying out or degrading in quality too quickly. Because of these attributes, food service film is great for wrapping baked goods, which rely on moisture for taste and may be refrigerated overnight. This sort of packaging is also great for packaging some of your products, cake slices in particular. These will definitely benefit from the plastic wrap ensuring the freshness and moisture of the cake before it is sold off as an individual slice. This sort of packaging is not bulky in the least and can be a great way to preserve individual pastries like cookies or cake slices for customers to pick up quickly and unwrap on the spot. If your business relies on individually sold products, you may want plastic wrap as an option.

Paper Products

Although we have mainly focused on some of the larger components you will need for your bakery, it is important that we take the time to discuss some of the smaller details as well. Before any of the baked goods can go into their respective bags and boxes, they first need the right paper products to go with them. Some of your baked goods will need a suitable base before they can be set into their boxes, so you want to have some rolls of butcher paper orparchment paper on hand. Butcher paper is very similar to parchment paper, which you must be used to baking with, but it is thicker and more absorbent. You might want a high-quality brand of butcher paper so that you can line the trays of your baked goods. This material is helpful in and out of the oven because it is not only useful for lining pans, but it is great for creating lining for your baked goods inside of a bakery box if you need it. Of course, it is completely food safe and can be exposed to the heat of an oven, but it also works well for presentational purposes. It makes your bakery box look a little more neat and polished, with all of the pieces carefully secure and held in place partially by the liner. You will want to use bakery lining or butcher paper for assorted baked goods like cookies or various pastries. That makes it easy to simply take your products out of the oven and keep the paper lining for display or packaging. Either one should work as lining for bakery packaging.

Along with your lining, another paper product you will definitely want is a large amount of napkins. For any business in the food service industry, napkins are indispensable. These are essential bakery packaging supplies because they must go out with almost every single order. Whether your customers are walking away with a half dozen cupcakes or a single cookie, you will need to provide them with some napkins so they can pick up and hold onto their baked goods with no issue or mess. You really cannot have too many napkins as a bakery, so stock up and be prepared to include these in most, if not all of your orders.

After purchasing all of the bakery packaging supplies your shop has been missing, you will probably notice a significant difference in the way that your products appear to the customers and even to you. The right packaging can transform the way your products look, which could help grab the attention of more customers, seeing the products on display. Wholesale bakery packaging is important for protecting the products and making them look good for your customers to be drawn in by them. High-quality, secure containers, with smaller packaging details like napkins can go a long way in terms of presentation. Stover & Company wants you to have all of the individual components you need for your bakery's particular offerings. It might help to make a quick list of the different types of products you offer so that you can keep everything in mind when shopping for wholesale bakery packaging supplies. You want to be sure that everything has its place. Take all the time you need to browse over our packaging supplies and see what your business needs. As always, if you need any help shopping with us for any wholesale bakery supplies, we are here to help. 


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