Easy Summer Dessert Recipes: Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Move over chocolate-covered strawberries - there's a new fruit in town.

She's sweet, sunny, and tastes best on vacation - she's pineapple. And she goes great with chocolate.

Haven't tried this glorious treat?

You're in luck!

Enter: This chocolate-covered pineapple recipe.

It's part of our Easy Summer Dessert Series to help you have more fun enjoying the beautiful weather with people who matter and less time stuck in a stuffy kitchen alone.

Why we love this recipe:

It's easy.

You can make this in your dorm room; you can make this in your office kitchen! Pretty much anywhere you can plug in a microwave, you're good to go.

There are only two ingredients.

All you need for this dessert is pineapple and chocolate coating wafers. Give or take a few sprinkles.

So why use chocolate coating wafers?
Chocolate Coating Wafers are essential for this recipe because they set quickly and stay set. They're much easier to work with than regular chocolate. That said if you're going to an outdoor BBQ and its 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) your chocolate-dipped pineapple will probably get a little melty. That's the law of the universe, ya'll.

Special Equipment: NONE
All you need for this recipe is a

1. bowl
2. spatula or mixing tool
3. plate or baking tray

Let's get to the good stuff - the recipe!

Chocolate Covered Pineapple Recipe


2 cups Stover's Sweet Shoppe Coating Wafers

(Any flavor - we used Ultra White, Milk, and Dark)

4 cups pineapple - Cut into two-inch pieces

(Preferably fresh pineapple but canned works too)

optional: sprinkles (we used yellow), sanding sugar, luster dust 


1. Chop your pineapple into 2-inch pieces (or whatever size you want them to be). We used fresh pineapple and cut it into rings using a pineapple cutter. Feel free to cut them into whatever shape you want them to be. Fancy a star-shaped piece of pineapple? You do, you girl!
2. Melt the coating wafers - if microwaving, do it SLOWLY in 15-second bursts (yes, I know this sounds too slow but trust me on this one). If using a double boiler method, heat on medium until melted.
3. Dip the pieces of pineapple into the melted chocolate coating wafers and repeat. We dipped half of each pineapple piece into the coating wafers, but you can dip however much you want to be covered. I recommend dipping the pineapple pieces in small batches if you want to stick some sprinkles or sanding sugar to them because the chocolate sets quickly.
Now for the fun part - decorating. It's optional but recommended.

Decorating Options:


By far the easiest decorating method on the block. Put some coating wafers or extra chocolate leftover from dipping into a disposable piping bag or any plastic zip lock bag. Microwave, massaging the bag every 15 seconds until melted. Do not overheat. Snip off the end or one of the bottom corners and get to drizzling. Piping bags are best when you want super clean lines. The size of the drizzles depends on how far up the tip you cut the piping bag, the higher the cut the thick the drizzle. There's also a way you can make a piping bag out of parchment paper, but we'll save that for another day.

If you can't be bothered using a piping bag or making your own with a zip lock bag, use a fork or spoon to drizzle the extra chocolate on top. Call it abstract or avant-garde if it gets crazy, and people will think you're an artist.


Sprinkles, sanding sugarcrispearls, chocolate chips, nuts, crumbled cookies, espresso beans, chopped bacon - your imagination is the limit!

Add some shine- edible glitter and luster dust.

And that's it!

Your chocolate-covered pineapple dessert is complete and looking gorgeous. Pat yourself on the back because you did it!

Stay tuned for other easy summer dessert recipes.

Until next time, friends!


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