What’s So Special About Cake Donut Mixes?

Donuts are a universally loved baked good. There’s just something special about heading to your local donut shop early in the morning, picking out a few of your favorite donuts, and enjoying them with a hot cup of coffee.

Donuts are the type of baked treat that is very versatile. After stripping away all the frosting, fillings, and toppings, the base of a donut is pretty simple. Like many other baked goods start, donuts start at the bare bones. Those bare-bones being plain dough.

Plain dough may seem like a pretty boring thing at first. However, there is some beauty about plain dough when it comes to baking. Plain dough, like dough for a donut, is a blank canvas. There are ample opportunities for creativity, flavors, and other combinations for unique creations.

Recently, more and more donut shops have been coming out of the woodwork in cities and even small towns. By scrolling through any food-related Instagrams or blogs and you’ll see the wild creations that these new donuts shops can come up with. It’s almost like a competition of who can make the most unique, creative flavor of donuts. There are even now vegan donut shops trying to accomplish the same thing without the use of animal products.

But, not all donuts are the same! Sure, you have the Frankenstein-like donuts by combining a donut with a different pastry(i.e the cronut.) But back to the basics of donut making, there are two different types of donuts that are commonly sold in stores and bakeries. These donuts are yeast donuts and cake donuts.

Difference Between Cake Donuts and Yeast Donut

Now when we think about a donut, the first thing that might come to mind is the Homer Simpson style donut with pink frosting and sprinkles. That type of donut is a yeast donut. More commonly, you will find yeast donuts as opposed to cake donuts in most bakeries and donut shops.

Yeast (raised) donuts are made with yeast, of course. Yeast is a unique ingredient that is used with most bread or dough recipes. Its main use is to raise or leaven the dough. Yeast donut dough is cut into donut-like shapes and fried to golden perfection. A good yeast donut is light, fluffy, and has a slight yeast flavor. This type of donut is the perfect vessel for simple frostings and toppings. When thinking of yeast donuts, think of places like Krispy Kreme.

Now, cake donuts are a whole different ball game. This donut is made with a sweetened dough that is leavened with baking powder, not yeast. This type of donut is also cooked in oil, producing a crunchier texture on the outside and a more dense interior. When thinking of cake donuts, favorites like apple cider or old fashioned donuts typically come to mind.

There is constant debate about which type of donut is the best. That argument will continue for as long as donuts will be made. It all depends on what you want out of a donut. Each variety allows for equal amounts of creativity and delicious flavors. It’s all about personal preference.

Cake donuts allow for a better-flavored donut, like apple cider or blueberry, while yeast can hold many more toppings and fillings. Again, it’s about personal preference. You can find great cake donut mixes to use for your donut shop or bakery, too.

But this doesn’t have to be a competition of which one is the best! Both yeast and cake donuts have equal positive characteristics. They are unique on their own and each brings something different to the table.

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