Let's Talk About Our Eleven o'one Couverture Chocolate

Couverture is the name that was given to a certain class of high-quality chocolate. Couverture chocolate is known as a higher-quality baking chocolate because it contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Many bakers like about the quality is that it’s tempered with precision. When melted with proper tempering, this quality blend gives a more shiny appearance of the chocolate. Here at Stover & Company, our Eleven o'one Belgian Couverture Chocolate comes in five different variations, from our Thirty Three White to our Seventy Dark, you are sure to find the right high quality European taste for all of your treats! 


Couverture Chocolate

Let's go over our Eleven o'one Belgian Couverture Chocolate: 


Thirty Three White Couverture Chocolate 

Our Belgian white chocolate is smooth, creamy, with soft vanilla notes and a silky finish. With a medium fluidity, thirty-three white couverture chocolate is ideal for various applications, including flavoring, glazing, coating, enrobing, and molding. 

"I commonly use famous French & Belgian Brands' white couverture, but with supply chain issues driving product shortages and prices, I tried Eleven O'One figuring it would be fine for shelling and the occasional ganache. You know what? It's virtually indistinguishable from that famous Belgian Brand and stands up nicely to that famous French BraRead more about review stating Color me surprised!nd. It's a good fluidity, tempers without issue, and has a nicely rounded natural vanilla flavor. I'm on my second case and am eyeing the 70% Dark with interest." - Cat O., real Stover & Company Customer


Thirty Five Milk Couverture Chocolate 

Our Belgian milk chocolate is creamy, smooth, and refreshing with a soft caramelized finish. Its well-rounded flavor profile makes it ideal for enrobing and molding. With a medium viscosity, thirty-five milk couverture chocolate lends itself to various applications, including glazing, coating, and flavoring.

"This was the first time trying this brand and I must say it was smooth and delicious. I have no regret in purchasing it. It was very silky and easy to melt. GREAT CHOCOLATE." - Anna D., real Stover & Company Customer 


Fifty Five Semi-Sweet Couverture Chocolate 

Our semi-sweet Belgian chocolate is smooth and balanced with a strong cocoa flavor. Its medium fluidity lends itself to various applications. Its classic flavor makes our fifty-five semi-sweet couverture chocolate ideal for enrobing, molding, glazing, flavoring, and coating.

"My hands down favorite!I enjoy dark chocolate. My clients enjoy dark chocolate! I love the mouth feel of this new chocolate. It is a winner for sure." - Elizabeth W., real Stover & Company Customer 


Sixty Dark Couverture Chocolate

Our Belgian dark chocolate is smooth and balanced with an intense cocoa flavor and a touch of bitterness. With a medium fluidity, our sixty dark couverture chocolate lends itself to various applications including, glazing, flavoring, enrobing, and molding.

"This chocolate tastes wonderful and is easy to work with to make candy." - Marilee G., real Stover & Company Customer  

Seventy Dark Couverture Chocolate

Our Belgian dark chocolate is smooth and rich with a strong cocoa flavor, sweet fruity notes, and a balanced bitterness. Our seventy dark couverture chocolate is a medium fluidity lending itself to various applications, including glazing, flavoring, enrobing, and molding.

"This chocolate is super smooth and rich in taste. It melts nicely and once tempered sets up nicely." - C., real Stover & Company Customer 


Couverture chocolate requires tempering unlike compound chocolate due to the cocoa butter content. We recommend learning about tempering properly when purchasing this chocolate. Head over to our youtube channel here, How To Temper Eleven o'one Belgian Couverture Chocolate  
to learn how to temper step by step to set yourself up for success for beautiful, delicious treats. 

Can't decide which one to purchase first? We have two Eleven o'one sample kits available here -->  Sample Kit 1, Sample Kit 2 

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