Your Holiday Checklist: Must Have Winter Baking Products

This winter, dive into the season’s flavors & elevate your holiday baking with our array of seasonal favorites. From vibrant colored wafers, to rich caramel & luxurious chocolates, our beloved baking ingredients are here to make your holidays sweeter & more delightful than ever!

Sweet Shoppe Coating Wafers: Cardinal Red & Forest Green

What’s Christmas without vibrant shades of red & green? Enter our Sweet Shoppe Cardinal Red & Forest Green Wafers! These colored wafers aren’t just visually stunning; they’re the secret ingredient behind beautifully festive Christmas treats. Ideal for coating cake pops, cookies, pretzels, hot cocoa bombs & so much more. Our premium compound coatings are perfect for creating stunning edible decorations for your holiday treats! 

"Sweet Shoppe Colored Compounds melted like a dream!!!! I've tried very other brand out there and yours wins, hands down!! It is a PERFECT product." - Rebecca D.




Peter’s Caramel Loaf

Convenience without compromising quality; Peter’s Caramel Loaf is the superstar of the holiday season. This shelf-stable caramel loaf is a baking savior, ready to use & easy to melt. Make decadent caramel apples, drizzle over popcorn, fill cupcakes or make candies. Peter’s Caramel effortlessly adds that luscious caramel goodness to your baked goods.

"Peter's Caramel Loaf is almost as good as my own recipe but it's a lot more convenient for small recipes. Just cut off a slice and melt in the microwave." - John H. 


Callebaut 811 Dark Chocolate Bars

Elevate your holiday confections with Callebaut 811 Dark Chocolate Bars. Renowned for their high quality & rich flavor, these Belgian chocolate bars are the cream of the crop. Callebaut’s high quality couverture chocolate is perfect for melting, molding or baking with, they infuse a luxurious taste into your holiday confections. 

"I have been using Callebaut 811 Dark Chocolate Bars for 8-10 years. Always excellent quality." - Debra G. 

Domino Pure Cane Light Brown Sugar

Ah, light brown sugar! An essential in holiday baking recipes, brown sugar brings a subtle molasses sweetness into your treats. Whether it’s gingerbread, cookies or cakes, this humble ingredient works its magic, making every bite a comforting delight.

"Good quality sugar in bulk! Domino Pure Cane Light Brown Sugar is my go-to for baking." -Maria C. 


Henry & Henry Redi-paks: Red Raspberry & Bavarian Cream

For those moments when time is of the essence, our Henry & Henry Redi-Paks come to the rescue! These ready-made fillings are bursting with flavor, ready to be used in pastries, cakes, or as a delightful surprise in your holiday treats.

"Everyone goes crazy when I use these fillings in cakes or cupcakes. Henry and Henry Raspberry and Bavarian Cream Redi-Paks are so delicious and easy to use" - Janet W. 



Eleven o’one Salted Caramel Flakes

Indulge in the perfect balance of sweet & salty with our NEW Salted Caramel Flakes. These rich caramel flakes add a delightful crunch & a bust of caramel goodness to your creations, whether sprinkled on tops of desserts or baked into cookie dough.

"These Salted Caramel Flakes were so delicious and so cute on ym thanksgiving cake pops. I would recommend these for anyone trying to upgrade your cake pops or any dessert." - Belinda R. 



Chef Master Christmas Red Liqua Gel

When it’s time to add that festive touch to your icings & decorations, look no further than our Chef Master Liqua Gel in Christmas Red. Its vibrant hue brings your creations to life, adding that pop of Christmas Color you’ve been craving.

" I need to keep a large amount of red gel color on hand for big orders. Chef Master Liqua Gel in Christmas Red is wonderful. The color is true and reliable." - Sara S. 

Eleven o’one Deluxe European Compounds: Milk & Dark

Say goodbye to the hassle of tempering with our Eleven o’one Deluxe European Compounds. Enjoy the richness of European coating wafers, available in White, Milk & Dark chocolate flavors. With its thin consistency, our deluxe coating compounds ensure a smooth finish for your treats without the fuss!

"Love the Eleven o'one Deluxe European Compounds! The dark and milk melt are both sooooo smooth and have great flavor. It melts and coats well!." - Diane F. 


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Happy Baking & Happy Holidays!



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