Wholesale Chocolate: What a Seller Should Offer

Any baker or confectioner looking for a supplier of wholesale chocolate might be looking for more than just a good deal on price. Those who are in the market for a new supplier to bolster the supply chain will be glad to know that we here at Stover & Company can offer you highlights from all of the following categories and more!

Compound Chocolate

Compound chocolate is probably the most commonly used form of chocolate, although there are some out there who would say that this isn’t real chocolate. It certainly is popular enough, though.

To be specific, compound chocolate is a form of chocolate that is usually made with cocoa powder and some form of vegetable oil in place of cocoa butter. As a result, compound chocolate is easier to work with than other grades of “real” chocolate, like couverture chocolate.

To be specific, compound chocolate has fewer problems with blooming, separation, and forming than couverture chocolate has because it does not need to be handled as gingerly when melting and molding. It also does not need to be tempered in the way that higher grades of chocolate do.

Because of this, compound chocolates are excellent solutions for confectioners and chocolatiers who are looking for a simplified solution for making dipped treats, for enrobing, or for molding.

Couverture Chocolate

Couverture chocolate, by contrast to compound chocolate, is made with chocolate liquor as well as cocoa solids. Because it contains these, it is much richer in flavor than compound chocolate and it also - according to some - provides a superior texture as well.

This comes at a cost, however. In order to work with couverture chocolate, a great deal of experience is required to create a quality finished product. Couverture chocolate will bloom and burn very easily; it can also seize if any moisture finds its way into the pot while it is being melted.

Couverture chocolate also requires the confectioner to be familiar with the process of tempering, which can be done according to a number of methods but must be carefully executed in the forming of couverture chocolate. Chocolate that has not been tempered will not offer the taster a visual treat or a consistent texture.

However, couverture chocolate that has been tempered will delight the taster with a beautiful glossy sheen as well as a crisp snap on the palate, finished off by a velvety smooth texture.

Cocoa Powder

Anyone looking for a provider of wholesale chocolate products would do well to look for one that can offer cocoa powder as well. Not all of a baker’s needs can be met by the two forms of chocolate above.

Cocoa powder is used as a flavoring agent in a huge number of baked goods, drinks, candies, and other foods, and will give a rich chocolate character to the finished goods it produces. It is largely used in the production of chocolate cakes, cookies, biscuits, and drinks, along with some candies.

Cocoa Butter

In addition to cocoa powder, it is worth your time to make sure your bulk chocolate supplier can also keep you stocked in cocoa butter. This is the idol; it is cocoa butter that gives chocolate much of its character, and wherever you include it, a powerful, compelling chocolate flavor will serve as evidence.

Cocoa butter, in addition to being used topically in skin care products, is also used to create delicious treats. Bakers and confectioners alike use cocoa butter in their production of fudge, icings, and frostings as well as chocolate candies. It has other niche uses, too. You might not use it, but if you do, you’ll be glad that you have a supplier on hand that has it!

Other Candy and Fudge Making Supplies

In addition to these categories of wholesale chocolate products, we also offer a number of other chocolate chips, chocolate bars, and other chocolate products for all of your baking and candy making needs.

In addition to what we have already uncovered, we also provide fudge making supplies, candy centers for candy making, and even caramel for the same purposes. Whether you need something for baking or for making candy you can get it all right here!

Don’t Get Expertise and Service!

As you can see, the search for wholesale chocolate will take you much further than a simple query for high-quality milk, dark and white chocolate. Dark chocolate is not just dark chocolate, but rather defined by its other qualities, as mentioned above.

What you should also look for is a supplier with expertise, and here at Stover & Company, we are proud to report that our successful business is more attributable to our excellent customer service more than anything else.

Do you want to learn more about some of these fascinating categories of chocolate products or grades of chocolate? If so, get in touch with a member of our team today and you can learn more or even work out pricing - call us at 724-274-6314, we’d love to hear from you.


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