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We Supply Businesses Of All Shapes & Sizes

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From home bakers to manufactures, Stover & Company supplies all businesses, big & small. Looking for a couple pounds of chocolate for cakepops, strawberries & more? How about a bulk order of Callebaut? Or even sprinkles for your treats? You can find it all here at stovercompany.com

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Stover's Sweet Shoppe NonPareils & How To Decorate With Them!

Stover's Sweet Shoppe NonPareils

On top of our Stover's Sweet Shoppe Compound Chocolate Coating Wafers, our Stover's Sweet Shoppe line offers nonpareils as well! Decorating anything and everything from cakesicles to cupcakes the possibilities are endless! 

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Why We Are the Right Bakery Distributor for You

bakery distributor

There is nothing worse than using an undependable and lacking distributor when you’re stocking your bakery. This can lead to disastrous complications, such as unhappy customers, unfinished orders, delays, high costs, and so much more. One of the biggest issues is that you can be further taken away from your dream and vision. Finding the right bakery distributor is arguably the most important part of successfully running your own bakery and making that dream come true.

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Five Categories of Goods A “Wholesale Bakery Supply Distributor Near Me” Should Have

wholesale bakery supply distributor near me

After you pull out your phone and type in “wholesale bakery supply distributor near me,” you’re going to have to qualify that search with a little bit of extra research before you settle on a seller. While you might have one down the block, AP flour and granulated sugar just aren’t going to cut it - especially for a professional baker with a multitude of special needs and requirements.

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Wholesale Cake Supplies Distributors

wholesale cake supplies distributors

Whichever type of business you own, whether that be simply making yummy desserts like cupcakes, pastries, cookies, or things of that nature or a fancy chocolatier shop specializing in handmade chocolate creations, consider choosing Stover & Company are your default wholesale cake supplies distributors.

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What to Get From Your Wholesale Bakery Distributors

wholesale bakery distributor

At Stover & Company, we are always happy to provide business owners with the resources they need to run their bakeries as efficiently as possible, starting with the kitchen. We want you to know what materials and ingredients you need to keep your bakery running smoothly. When you are shopping from wholesale bakery distributors, you want to keep an eye out for all of these supplies.

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What to Look for in a Good Bakery Distributor

bakery distributor

When you are on the market for good, reliable wholesale bakery distributors, you will want to know what to look out for so you can find the best around. You do not want to jump from place to place looking for a bakery distributor who will have everything you need. Instead, you want to find a distributor that you can count on for all of your shop's needs. One easy way to tell if a bakery distributor is a good place to shop from is by looking at the breadth of offerings. See how many things they have to offer besides the usual.

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Buying Wholesale Baking Supplies Online

wholesale baking supplies

A huge aspect of running a successful bakery business is regularly purchasing all of the wholesale bakery supplies you need in order to keep the kitchen running smoothly. You want your business to have a considerable amount of high-quality baking supplies that will be used either on a daily basis or for certain occasions. Finding yourself low or completely out of some ingredients and bakery supplies can spell trouble for a normal workday. 

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Wholesale Bakery Products You Don’t Want to Forget

wholesale bakery products

As you are gathering all of the bakery supplies you need to keep your business moving, you are most likely going to prioritize certain ingredients and wholesale baking supplies over others. Those being the essentials of flour, sugar, baking powder, and so on. Of course, this makes complete sense, seeing as those are the most basic ingredients you need in order to bake. It is understandable that you will want to make sure that you have those ingredients first before you think about other things. 

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Wholesale Baking Ingredients You Need On Your Shopping List

wholesale baking ingredients

Much like in your own home, when it is time to start buying ingredients for the kitchen, you have to first write up your shopping list. You will want to stay organized and write everything down so you will not miss a thing. However, it is much more troublesome when you forget your bakery supplies than when you forget something for your home. Just when you are making your shopping list of wholesale baking ingredients, you want to include everything that you would possibly need to work with when creating your lovely baked goods.

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