Buying Wholesale Baking Supplies Online

A huge aspect of running a successful bakery business is regularly purchasing all of the wholesale bakery supplies you need in order to keep the kitchen running smoothly. You want your business to have a considerable amount of high-quality baking supplies that will be used either on a daily basis or for certain occasions. Finding yourself low or completely out of some ingredients and bakery supplies can spell trouble for a normal workday. You certainly have to be prepared to handle all of your regular, consistent orders along with any special occasion orders that may come up. To do that, you will want to make sure you buy the right amount of wholesale baking supplies online to keep everything you need in stock and within arm's reach.

Let us go over all of these bakery supplies you will need for your business and explore why they are so important. Some of these might have even slipped your mind on occasion when shopping for your wholesale baking supplies online, but we like to stay attentive to things at Stover & Co so that we can help you have everything you need to do what you love. Now, let’s do some online shopping.

How to Shop Online for Wholesale Bakery Supplies

Before we dive right into some of the supplies that you will want to have for your shop, we should first discuss what would motivate you to buy your wholesale baking supplies online anyway. When you order online to get the things you need, you get the benefit of convenience. You do not have to worry about picking anything up yourself or waiting for business hours to begin so you can place your next order, you get the comfort and freedom of casually browsing online through a wide selection of baking supplies at wholesale prices at your own pace so you can find whatever you need at that moment and shopping online at any hour of the day. Some people find this to be the most efficient way of buying wholesale baking supplies since everything can happen so quickly and on your time.

Getting started shopping online for high-quality baking supplies is easier than ever. You can just create an account to keep track of your orders and start adding things to the cart. It's just that simple. If you were wondering how you would figure out what you would like to order online, then you do not have to worry because that process is fairly easy as well. Look over everything that you need and browse through our organized categories to find everything you would want. We feature lots of well-known, respected brands so you are likely to see some very familiar labels and packaging. That should also make it easier for you to put your trust in the quality of the products as well. Although we confidently guarantee the quality of all the products listed on our website, already knowing how some of these products perform might serve to make you more comfortable when ordering. You can purchase from brands you have enjoyed for a long time, or check out some brands that are less familiar to you. How you want to shop for your wholesale baking supplies online is entirely up to you.

Bakery Packaging

We really want to emphasize the importance of having all of the bakery supplies you will need to keep things operating as you would like. Often people will only talk about the raw ingredients and cake decorating supplies when this comes up, but we want to turn that around a little bit. Instead of starting off with the ingredients you need, we want to start with the packaging products. That's right, we are going to discuss how important it is to purchase not only enough packaging supplies but the right ones. You want to stop and consider exactly what you need to properly package your baked goods before they are taken home by your customers. Everything that you make needs to have appropriate packaging to go with, otherwise, you will be trying to wrap sheet cakes with napkins and that will not work out for anyone involved.

To be prepared with all of the right bakery packaging you will need, you have to first consider what it is you are selling, how many of them you typically sell within a timeframe, and what would be the best way to package those items. For example, if your best-sellers are cupcakes and individual slices of cake, you will want to have half a dozen sized cupcake trays, cupcake liners, and small plastic containers. If you mainly sell cakes and assorted pastries, you will want a variety of paper bakery boxes and plastic cake boxes to fit everything. Then there are the more universal packaging products you will need like napkins, wax paper, film, foil pans, and paper bags. If you have all of the right bakery packaging, you will be able to send your products out the door all throughout the day.

Baking Supplies

Now that we have gotten some groundwork details covered, we can move on to the wholesale baking supplies that you may be a little more excited to hear about. We are going to discuss some of the essential baking supplies you will want to order online for your business.

In order to actually produce the baked goods that your business will be selling, you will need to have a steady supply of your basic baking ingredients coming through. As someone with a good understanding of baking, we are sure you already know full well what ingredients you need in order to make the items on your bakery's menu. Since we offer such high-quality options for everything you will need, you can easily choose amongst the brands and types of products, feeling secure that you will get good ingredients that are easy to bake with.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can emphasize the importance of having frequent and consistent orders of these essential ingredients so that you will always have what you need and you will be able to keep your supply fresh. When you order your ingredients online, you get to decide on the spot how much you want for your orders at that time. So you can choose to order less if you already have a decent amount on hand, or order more if you are anticipating a busy season ahead. You can decide freely, at the last minute whenever you are about to place your order online what it is you want. Stick to only repurchasing your foundational ingredients or throw in a few more things that you will want to play around with or need for a particular event or holiday season.

Premade Baking Mixes

While it is incredibly important that you have a good supply of the essential baking ingredients in your kitchen, you should also understand the value of having some premade options as well. You will not always want or be able to create everything you need by scratch. That is where pre-prepared baking supplies make themselves useful. Pre-measured baking mixes like donut, brownie, or cake mixes in assorted flavors are fantastic to have around. They make it easier to get all of the baked goods flowing in your kitchen and sent out the door to your satisfied customers. With pre-measured baking mixes, you can whip up some of your better-selling items in much less time than it would take to gather and measure each of the individual ingredients. You can spare yourself the time and effort and just use a baking mix to get ahead.

With baking mixes, you also do not have to worry about inconsistency practically at all. The mixes are carefully measured and distributed so that each package will contain the same mixture as the next. The recipes prepared are of great quality so you will be able to enjoy that same great taste each time. It virtually eliminates the possibility that you may mess up putting together the ingredients by accident, leaving something out or doubling something else.

Utilizing baking mixes is also a wise choice because it can allow you to experiment with new, distinct flavors that you do not already have on your menu. This can be good for particular occasions when you want to create something with a flavor you need less often. If you do not have a working recipe that you are fully sure of, you can just use a baking mix to match that need and do it well. You do not have to be a master of every recipe in the world in order to run a great bakery and make quality products, you just need to know how to work with what you have to get the results you want.


Decorating Supplies

If we are being realistic here, as amazing as your baked goods might taste, the first thing that draws in your customers is how they look. You want your baked goods to be as appealing to the eye as possible so that people will give them a chance to discover the great taste. You want to purchase the right cake decorating supplies to make your products look however you want them to. This could mean dressing your cakes up for holidays in seasonal colors or creating custom cakes in the recipient's favorite colors. For any and every occasion that might bring someone to your shop, you will want to have some suitable decorating supplies.

At the very least you will want a good assortment of colored fondant and loads of buttercream since that will be used across so many of your creations. Some of the products you could choose from will go a long way for you. Another example of decorating supplies you will certainly need is a selection of piping bags and piping gels. You will want to be able to add smaller decorative elements to your products and that may include piped designs along with a layer cake or a special message piped onto a sheet cake. Give yourself some options for versatile decorating supplies that will work for all of your baked goods and for any occasion.

Pastry Filling

If your bakery churns out baked goods like pies and donuts fairly often, you will want to think about getting some orders in for various fillings in flavors like apple, blackberry, chocolate, coconut, and Bavarian cream. Having your fillings prepared for you like this will make it much easier for you to get your pies and donuts finished quickly, similar to the benefits of baking mixes. A good amount of the work is done for you, so all you have to do is put all of the components together and add your own touches to it. You can also get different types of premade pie crusts as well so you can have your pies prepared quickly and efficiently. When you are shopping for wholesale baking supplies online, take your time looking over all of the fillings you could incorporate into your recipes.

We wanted to break things down here pretty simply so that everything made complete sense and you will feel more comfortable with this information. Buying wholesale baking supplies online is a good idea for most business owners and we wanted to convey that here along with some additional information on how to shop for your supplies online. We wanted to feel sure that your business has everything it needs to succeed from the packaging all the way down to the base recipes themselves.

Just know that if you have any more questions about your baking supplies or our products, you can just ask away. Stover & Compay is here to help with any questions you might have by phone or by email at You might also want to check out our frequently asked questions page or look at some of our other blog posts in case your questions are addressed there. Stover & Company is always here for your wholesale baking needs.


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