What to Get From Your Wholesale Bakery Distributors

At Stover & Company, we are always happy to provide business owners with the resources they need to run their bakeries as efficiently as possible, starting with the kitchen. We want you to know what materials and ingredients you need to keep your bakery running smoothly. When you are shopping from wholesale bakery distributors, you want to keep an eye out for all of these supplies.

Essential Baking Supplies

We know that this should go without saying, but we would be remiss to not mention it at all. But your business should always maintain a strong connection with the wholesale bakery distributors it works with. You want to make sure that you have that direct line of communication with the source that provides you with your most-used baking supplies like sugar, flour, salt, and baking powder. You want the reliability of being able to reach out to the wholesale bakery distributors to purchase the things you need most. We do our best at Stover & Co to maintain an open line of communication so you can always ask us any questions about our products. With the right wholesale supplier, you will be able to purchase all of the supplies you need, consistently and easily.

Cake Decorations

When preparing your fresh baked goods after they have had time to cool down, you will want to have a good supply of decorating supplies to finish everything off. Your wholesale bakery distributors should have a good assortment of the exact products you will need to make your baked goods look even better. Here we have everything you would want from frosting and fondant to sprinkles and sanding sugar. You can choose decorating supplies that will give you enough control to express your creativity and make your work look beautiful for any occasion. You get to have a lot of freedom in this category, so it is good to have some versatile decorating supplies that give you the reigns over how your products will look.

Donuts & Pies

This one is for all the donut fiends out there who love to start the day off with a fresh-baked donut and the pie lovers who need to end every meal with a warm slice. With the right suppliers and materials, you should be able to whip up some great-tasting pies and donuts on a regular basis for your customers. You can simplify and streamline these processes by selecting the right ingredients. To make preparing donuts faster, you can look at the pre-measured donut mixes we have available on our site. Using these mixes can cut down on your prep time and make the process much easier. For donuts that have fillings, we also have plenty of options for flavored fillings like chocolate, Bavarian cream, and a huge assortment of fruit flavors. These fillings are great for pies as well. They are tasty enough to make you want to eat them by the spoonful, so they will certainly make your pies pretty appetizing. Add your personal touches to the filling and scoop it into a premadepie crust for a quick, delicious pie.

Bakery Packaging

Once you have all of your fresh baked goods finished and ready to go, you are going to need one last thing. You will need the packaging they go into of course. They cannot be handed off to anyone without secure packaging first. For your bakery packaging, you want to make sure that there is something for every item on your menu. Your cupcakes, cakes, and pies should have their own containers while many of your other baked goods should be alright in bakery boxes of different sizes. In addition to these paper and plastic boxes, you will also need some other things like napkins, bags, and liners to have everything ready for your products to head out the door.

Janitorial Supplies

While these supplies are not as fun and exciting as your baking supplies are, they are nonetheless critical to a well-running commercial kitchen. When you look at wholesale bakery distributors, you want to see that they have a considerable selection of cleaning supplies. This says a lot about the distributors because it shows how comprehensive and well-rounded their offerings are. You will want to make sure your kitchen has enough cleaning supplies to maintain proper hygiene at all times. A high-performing kitchen always stays clean. Check off your list for products to clean the floors, counters, dishes, and trash overall. You always want an extra supply of things like trash bags, gloves, and paper towels. Keep your workspace clean and everything should fall into place naturally.

This should be enough to get you started writing up that supplies list for your bakery. Of course, we make sure that we have a good supply of all of these items here at Stover & Company, so you can get everything you need in one go. Feel free to browse our site and see for yourself. And remember that you can always reach out to us if you have any questions.


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