Wholesale Bakery Products You Don’t Want to Forget

As you are gathering all of the bakery supplies you need to keep your business moving, you are most likely going to prioritize certain ingredients and wholesale baking supplies over others. Those being the essentials of flour, sugar, baking powder, and so on. Of course, this makes complete sense, seeing as those are the most basic ingredients you need in order to bake. It is understandable that you will want to make sure that you have those ingredients first before you think about other things. However, you would not want to forget about all of the other wholesale bakery products you need, in the process. Since we are sure you will remember those baking essentials, your friends at Stover & Company wanted to help you keep track of all the other baking supplies you want to have in stock. Just so you do not run out of anything important by mistake, here are some of the wholesale bakery products you do not want to forget.

Pre-Measured Baking Mixes

Pre-made mixes can be a lifesaver in a professional kitchen. They help you to cut down on prep time dramatically and give you one less thing to worry about in a busy kitchen. Baking mixes allow you to quickly whip up some of your most-requested baked goods like brownies, donuts, cookies, and cakes, all in a consistent and high-quality formula. If you are wondering what your kitchen is missing, it is likely a good variety of baking mixes. Also, be sure to add some pie crusts in there as well since they provide similar benefits and make your life that much easier.

Pie & Donut Fillings

If your bakery has donuts, pies, or turnovers on the menu, you definitely need to make sure you have all of the necessary filling for them. You will want your fillings in all of the most popular flavors like apples and cherry, but you also want to be able to switch up your menu variations on occasion with new and exciting flavors like strawberry rhubarb, mango, or blackberry. Your customers will appreciate the variety and likely let you know which ones were their favorites in case you want to make that a new permanent offering. You may also want to keep in mind that you can use these fillings however you like, so you can combine them with other flavors or use them in other dishes. The same fillings for your donuts and pies could also be used between layers of your sheet cakes or as filling for cupcakes.

Mixed Fruits & Nuts

A mixed stash of fruits and nuts is important for so many baked goods, especially for items that are more popular for breakfast and brunch like muffins. Fruits and nuts provide a good contrast to plain baked goods because they add a bit of freshness and a good bit of crunch. Just having that little bit of an earthy taste can make a huge difference in a recipe. Just think of how much some roasted walnuts can transform a simple carrot cake. When you are writing up your list of important wholesale bakery products you want to buy, make sure you add an assortment of dried fruits and nuts to that list.

Bakery Boxes

So far, we have made sure to name some important baking ingredients needed to prepare your dishes, but we have not yet touched on the packaging. You absolutely want to always have enough packaging products like bakery boxes, cupcake liners, paper bags, etc. You need suitable packaging for each and every type of product your bakery produces. Although cupcake trays do not normally pop up right away when people think of bakery supplies, they are critical to keeping a bakery running smoothly. Check on all of the products you offer and all of the packaging options you have in stock. See if there are any gaps in what you need or if you should switch over to different packaging for some products.

Mix-In Ingredients

Last up on this list of wholesale bakery products you want to keep in mind are the mix-in ingredients. These ingredients come in very handy when you want to decorate your products using edible components like crushed chocolate cookies, graham cracker meal, or streusel. They can be used as decorations, toppings, or mix-ins for taste and texture.

Hopefully, this reminder helped you to think of something you wanted to get or needed to stock up on. Try to keep a thorough list as you go along so when it is time for you to place an order for your wholesale bakery products, you will have that detailed list as a reference point. You can also come back here if you are feeling stumped and need something to jog your brain. You will certainly want to make sure you have more than just sugar and spice in your pantry.

And please remember if you have any questions about these products or any other products at Stover & Company, you can always reach out to us and we will be happy to help.


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