Sweet Shoppe NonPareils & How To Decorate With Them!

On top of our Sweet Shoppe Compound Chocolate Coating Wafers, our Sweet Shoppe line offers nonpareils as well! 

Why are nonpareils called nonpareils?
Nonpareil means without equal in French - and at Stover & Company, we couldn't agree more! Sweet Shoppe Nonpareils are tiny, ball-shaped sprinkles. The difference between sprinkles and nonpareils is in their shape - sprinkles are longer and cylindrical while nonpareils are round and spherical. Our nonpareils come in various bright colors and are perfect decorations for cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and sprinkle cakes. Shop  Sweet Shoppe Nonpareils - they're beyond parallel!

Ideal For:
white sprinkle cakes

The possibilities are endless when it comes to our nonpareils! They can be used as is to decorate delicious treats or even mixed in with other sprinkles so really style it up! 

 Chocolate Covered Strawberries! 

Nonpareils on Chocolate Covered Strawberry


Nonpareils on cupcake


Gobs covered in nonpareils


Nonpareils on cakesicles


As we said before, the possibilities with our  Sweet Shoppe NonPareils! What will you create with them? You can tag us in your creations on instagram at @stoverandcompany! For all of our colors & more from our  Sweet Shoppe line, check out our website stovercompany.com or you can call us at 724.274.6314.




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