Stover & Company Top Five Baking Tips

Baking does not need to be hard! While making mistakes is completely normal & common for everyone, we are here to try and lessen the amount of mistakes made when it comes to baking! Everyone has a starting point in their baking journey & we feel that these 5 baking tips will help you be successful in starting your baking fun! 

1. Be Prepared

This one is obvious right? The biggest mistake bakers face is not being prepared. Knowing what you're making ahead of time & purchasing the necessary ingredients will help tremendously just in case a key ingredients has special instructions like being set out overnight or refridgerated. Set all your ingredients and tools up so when it comes time to bake, you can jump right in without second guessing if you're missing anything! 

2. Don't Rush Baking

Baking can turn into a nightmare quickly if you rush the process. Don't bake when you're really pressed for time, especially if you're not a super experienced baker. You have to be patient with yourself & the baking process, measuring an ingredient wrong to skipping a step will result in a not so tasty treat! Each step has a purpose for a reason! Take your time & focus on each step at a time! 

3. Measure Your Ingredients

A BIG TIP! Your ingredients will be more accurate if you measure them by weight instead of by volume. Ingredients call for different tools when it comes to measuring whether it's a cup, spoons, etc., on top of whether the ingredient you are measuring liquid or dry! For liquid ingredients, it's best to use a clear, glass or plastic, measuring cup. Dry ingredients require both measuring cup and spoon. We recommend using a measuring spoon to get a more accurate amount because they can be leveled off at the top!

4. Stick With The Recipes 

You're probably thinking to yourself, "why would I replace ingredients?" well, it can be very tempting to try out which flavors work best or wanting to get creative with your creation. However, recipes have been created & taste tested for a reason! There are so many new treats & goodies to be made & discovered but when you're starting out, it's good to perfect your style & skill on recipes already made! There is a respective order to each recipes, by following those steps it holds the siginificance to your final creation. 

5. Sift Dry Ingredients No Matter What! 

Sugar, flour, baking soda, salt, etc., should always be sifted whether the recipe calls for them to be or not. This is because when ingredients are sifted they become lighter due to more involvement of air. This allows the ingredients to be mixed in something like batter or dough more easily. This trick also ensures that all of your dry ingredients give a better, structured mixture before you include the batter or dough! 

There you have it! Our top 5 baking tips! We could provide so many more, but in our opinion if you are starting you baking journey always remember these important tips & don't give up! Not every creation will go your way, things will go in ways you don't want them to but there is nothing wrong with that! Making mistakes are key in growing into a better baker! If you want to learn more tips about baking, you can check out our website at or give us a call at 724.274.6314.



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