Baking Trends for 2022 - Let's Discuss

"Top 10 Predictions For Baked Goods Trends In 2022," according to Hamed Ali, Bakery Plant Operations Manager. 

We know things are alway changing & we have to keep up with the "what's in," of the baking industry. We are almost halfway through 2022, were his prediction accurate?  Let's take a look at a few points & discuss what we are seeing currently. 

Baking Trends 2022

1. Artisanal Baking Will Continute To Be Popular

"Large and small bakeries continue to develop new baking methods and recipes, which means consumers have more options. For example, baked sourdough, baked yeast, and naturally leavened bread are all on the rise. Bread will continue to be popular in 2022. People love the taste of fresh, artisanal bread and pastries, and this trend is not going away anytime soon." 

Honestly, the more options the better! On top of that, more options for health conscious individuals! Natural & authentic taste has been making a jump in the last few years in the industry. Ali highlights the recent uprise in sourdough bread. Literally. The unique flavor & texture with the high amount of fiber are the blissful combo & more people are catching on! 

Sourdough Bread

2. Regional Baking Styles Will Continue To Gain Popularity.

"Regional baking styles will continue to gain popularity around the world because baking can be a way to travel without having to leave your home or kitchen. People will go online to find baking recipes from different regions around the world and try to bake these products at home."

Why limit yourself as a baker & consumer? There are worlds of flavor, texture & culture to be found. We are on the cusp of breakthrough flavors that are waiting to be discovered around the world. Explore new flavor combos. 


3. There Will Be A Renewed Interest In Classic Baking Recipes.

"People will rediscover the allure of baking from scratch using simple and time-tested recipes. The popularity of baking shows and cookbooks will help this trend grow." 

I know what you're thinking. Were we not just encouraging to exploe new flavors & more? Well yes, but knowing the classic basics is step one! If you're new or if you need a refresher! There's always a form of nostalgia going through family recipes. Remember that one treat you always looked forward to your mom making? Make it again! Don't be afraid to mix the old with the new as well!

While Ali has more talking points in his article which is linked here, we wanted to highlight a few. The baking industry is full of undiscovered possibilites & the goal for us it to highlight those trends to give you inspiration & knowledge to reach your fullest potential. 

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