Top Picks from Our Collection of Wholesale Baking Supplies

Professional chefs, bakers, and confectioners are always looking for the finest ingredients they can get their hands on. This is no surprise to you since you are already here at Stover & Company looking, but sometimes the question is a matter of price, sometimes a matter of quality, sometimes a matter of brand; and sometimes, a mix.

That’s why we offer a little bit of everything here at Stover & Company. We provide our customers with one of the largest collections of brands in wholesale baking supplies in the industry, support a flexible pricing structure, and always allow quality to underlie every process we undertake. As you’re shopping for bakery supplies, check out some of our top picks, and bestsellers, from our collection of wholesale baking supplies.


Here at Stover & Company, we provide our customers with a nearly endless supply of raw materials for baking, filling, decorating, candy making, and more. Among some of our more popular ingredients for baking is our collection of Pillsbury cake mix, which is beloved by casual and professional bakers alike.

For many years, Pillsbury has been providing pre-made mixes for donuts, brownies, chocolate cakes, and cookie bases - but among their most popular are their yellow cake mixes. They give bakers from all backgrounds an excellent base to start with, to which you can experiment with the addition of eggs, milk, water, oil, and more to create the perfect cake; light, fluffy, moist, and delicious.


Creating the cake or the pie crust itself is only a part of the project for any baker, and afterward, depending on the project comes the filling. We offer plenty of delectable fillings here in our online store to make your dreams of the ideal pie a reality.

Among the highlights from our collection of fillings are our H.C. Brill fillings, which have been some of America’s favorites for nearly 100 years now. It all started with one man’s vision to change the baking experience, and that he did. Over the years, Brill became a leader in the production of fillings, icings, frostings, toppings, glazes, and more.

Today, we offer a number of favorites from Brill, including but not limited to roll, decorating and buttercream icings, frosting bases, glazes, and fillings. In our collection of fillings you can find Brill Nana Creme filling, Cherry Pie filling, and more.

Of course, in our collection of brands listed above, you can also find a number of fillings from other leading producers, including but not limited to Henry & Henry Fillings, Dawn Foods Fillings, Byrnes & Kiefer FillingsCorbion-Caravan Filling, and many others.


Beyond filling and icing, there are many other ways to go about decorating a cake or a confection, and we offer the experienced baker plenty of avenues to go by in our catalog of wholesale baking supplies.

For example, if you were interested in decorating a cake with fondant instead of icing, you can investigate our collection of Satin Ice Fondant, or even learn more about it in our recent blog post, a “Spotlight on Satin Ice Fondant.” Fondant is a great way to preserve the moisture of a cake, and when applied properly, can give it a beautiful sheen. It’s also great for cakes that are going to be displayed, as once they are dressed with fondant, they do not need to be refrigerated.

Decorators and confectioners will also love that we carry Merckens chocolate in our collection, whose chocolate wafers are a customer favorite for many reasons. As they can be melted and remelted without the need for tempering and have a delicious, smooth consistency, they are beloved by those who use them for dipping and molding chocolates. They’re not couverture chocolates, but they are great for decorating, molding, dipping and enrobing.

These are only a couple of the decorating supplies we offer in our collection here at Stover & Company. To find exactly what you’re looking for, check out our page on brands, listed above, or search for it specifically - and if you can’t find it, our customer service team would be more than happy to help you out.

When you come to us looking for a great deal and wholesale prices on your raw materials for making your baked goods, you get not only a great selection but great prices as well.

We know you rely on the quality of your ingredients to secure quality in the finished product, and that’s why we provide so many favorite brands. We’re also your partner when it comes to better pricing, too. If you see something listed but you want to work out a special price, call our team up to work with them on the matter. You can reach us anytime at 724.274.6314 - whether you need help with finding something or want to talk pricing, give us a call.


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