Buy These Baking Supplies Wholesale!

Running a professional bakery operation may be the central focus of your life’s work. If so, you have plenty of techniques to refine, preferences to develop in ingredients, decoration to perfect, and much more. Where, and how, you get your ingredients might not make the top few slots on your list of important items to manage.

Even so, whether it takes a slot of importance in your attention or not, where you get your ingredients and what ingredients you get matter in the grand scheme of things. There are a few reasons why you should buy some baking supplies wholesale, if not all of them, along with some crowd favorites. Check these out to see what they can do for you, and remember that you can get them all here at great prices!

The Basics

Most cakes, pies, cookies, and confections start with the basics, being sugar, flour, salt, and some other essential ingredients. How you manipulate them will affect the finished product, but there are times when you can take a risk in going with a premade product that isn’t much of a risk at all.

For example, Pillsbury cake mixes have been the secret weapon of many bakers for generations. Pillsbury, which has created crowd favorites like their Bakers’ Plus Yellow Cake Mix, is well known for the exemplary qualities of its mixes for cakes, donuts, cookies, and more.

The Bakers’ Plus Yellow Cake Mix mentioned above, for example, creates cakes that will not crack or crumble, so you can produce beautiful cakes with less scrap. They also hold up remarkably well to handling, which is a bonus for bakers who do a lot of decorating.

It’s also easy to manipulate the consistency of the batter with the addition of water, oil, and eggs which is another feature that has made it a favorite for so long. You can alter the moisture levels and the consistency of the batter easily; it’s just like they’ve given you a primed, blank canvas to work with.

Pillsbury also offers a number of other cake and donut mixes that are ready-made and easy to use, in addition to the one mentioned. That, however, is only one small portion of the many different types of flourssugars, and other essential baking ingredients that we offer here at Stover & Company.

Fillings for Pies

Every serious baker knows that as important as the base is, it’s still just the foundation. What happens after you have a cake or a crust is just as important as how you make it in the first place!

That’s why we carry a bunch of lines of popular, ready-made fillings right here on our site, from Henry & Henry Fillings to Brill Fillings and many other alternatives in between. Our collection of fillings has options for fruit lovers, chocolate lovers, pudding lovers, and much more.

We even supply ready-to-use offerings such as H&H Redi Paks that are easy to use, conveniently sized, and delicious. They’re also a cost-effective option for those who need to do a lot of filling on a daily basis. Not only delicious but brilliantly colored and with a vibrant sheen, H&H Redi Paks bring you the quality of Henry & Henry fillings in an impossibly convenient format.


In addition to our collection of flours, sugars, and fillings, we also supply a number of decorations so you can complete your baked goods. From sanding sugar and sprinkles to icing, frosting and even shortening for making your own, we have everything any baker could want or need. We even carry Satin Ice Fondant for those who are serious about decorating and protecting their cakes against loss of moisture.

Chocolatiers Will Love Merckens Chocolate

For the confectioners, we carry a line of candy and confection making supplies including Merckens Chocolate, which is loved not only for its flavor but also for its consistency and ease of use. Merckens Chocolate wafers are easy to melt and remelt and require no tempering, making them ideal for dipping and molding. Best of all, they have a velvety smooth texture coupled with a rich flavor that has granted them lasting popularity.

Great Pricing, Great Service

You should get these baking supplies wholesale if for no other reason than that it will save you a ton of money, and on the subject of savings, we can help you with that too!

Our collection is diverse, but we also place a huge emphasis on customer service, part of which entails getting you a good deal on your most important ingredients. Come to us to buy baking supplies wholesale and we will work alongside you to come up with a pricing strategy that works well for both of us.

Check out our catalog today for these and other essential baking supplies, and if you have any questions or want to get the ball rolling on setting up an account, get in touch with us at 724-274-6314.


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