Spotlight on Satin Ice Fondant

Beloved for its workability, consistency, and taste, Satin Ice Fondant is revered by bakers and confectioners for giving that beautifully finished sheen to their cakes - but that’s not the only way it can be used. Fondant actually has a number of uses and can be used in just as many ways, as you are about to find out.

But first, what is fondant. While you may be familiar with its delicious flavor and satisfying texture, to some, its makeup is a bit of a mystery. Fondant is a type of dough made from sugar that can be rolled out by hand to fairly fine thinness and applied to cakes in order to color them, give them a shiny finish, and even to preserve them. It is made from a mixture of sugar, corn syrup, and natural gums that give it the perfect texture and flexibility along with the greatest workability and consistency.

You can make your own - but Satin Ice produces a satin-finished fondant that is certified Kosher pareve, nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and even vegan, that is of absolutely premium quality.

How Is Satin Ice Fondant Used?

Fondant is primarily used to add color and a satin-smooth elegant finish to a cake, as well as to serve as the base for cake decorating and icing. Oftentimes a cake can be covered with a rolled out sheet of Satin Ice Fondant before the baker or decorator proceeds with adding iced or frosted ornamentation. Not only does it preserve the moisture and freshness of the cake beneath it, but fondant also adds a delectable sweetness and richness to the cake!

No Refrigeration Required!

There’s another fact about fondant that you might want to keep in mind. Fondant doesn’t just serve as a base for decorations and a shortcut to icing - when you apply a sheet of fondant to a cake, you don’t need to refrigerate it unless you are making it well in advance of when it will be consumed. If you do decide to refrigerate your fondant-covered cake, we recommend that you tightly wrap it in a layer of plastic wrap to protect it against moisture intrusion.


Satin Ice Fondant can easily be worked by hand or with a rolling pin, and you should keep these handling tips in mind before kneading it or rolling it out. Before you start, make sure you have a clean and dry workspace and that your hands and tools are clean and dry as well. If not, you could be adding extra moisture to the fondant which can cause it to stick and will alter its consistency.

Draw out a ball of fondant and begin to knead it; as you knead the fondant it will warm up and become more pliable and flexible. Once the fondant is ready to be rolled, roll it out to a consistency of about ⅛ of an inch. Your Satin Ice Fondant is now ready to be applied to your cake!


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Some bakers like to steam their fondant-decorated cakes because steaming the fondant gives it a beautiful, shiny finish and removes any leftover residue from dusting and decorating. If you do decide to steam your fondant, make sure you cover the opening of your steamer with a cloth to ensure constant, steady delivery of steam.

An Edible Alternative to Gum Paste

Gum Paste is a more flexible and denser material that is superficially similar to fondant, but it is typically used for ornamental purposes and is not intended for consumption. If you want to make your fondant more pliable and workable, you can add tylose or cellulose gum in small quantities until you have achieved the desired consistency. Then you can work your fondant into the fine shapes and designs you want and can eat it too.

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