Introducing Our New Eleven o'One Milk Deluxe Coating Compounds

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new product for our European Coating Compounds - Eleven o'One Milk Deluxe. Our new Milk Deluxe is our newest addition for our Eleven o'One line, now available with our White & Dark Deluxe Coating Compounds

Our luxurious Milk Deluxe European Compound Coating Chocolate is a smooth consistency with a deep cocoa flavor. It melts quickly into a silky texture with the ease and workability of the finest European chocolates. Our Milk Deluxe European Compound Coating features bright notes with a gentle bitterness and a balanced finish.

Our Milk Deluxe European Compound Coating is the premier compound chocolate for pastry chefs and chocolatiers. As this is compound chocolate, it does not require tempering. This compound coating works beautifully for bonbons, hot chocolate, truffles, and more. 


Our European Chocolates, Eleven o'One, are professional quality chocolates for all of your confectionary needs. Shop our Couverture Chocolate now with our Compound Chocolate and Chocolate Moonstones

For more information on our brand new, luxurious European Compound Coating Chocolate, you can give us a call at 724.247.6314 or email us at


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