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Introducing Our New Eleven o'One Milk Deluxe Coating Compounds

Eleven o'One Milk Deluxe


We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new product for our European Coating Compounds - Eleven o'One Milk Deluxe. Our new Milk Deluxe is our newest addition for our Eleven o'One line, now available with our White & Dark Deluxe Coating Compounds. 

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Easter Bark Recipe Using Eleven o'One European Chocolate

Easter Chocolate Bark

Easter Chocolate Bark is the perfect chocolate treat to make this spring. It's delectable, rich and just super cute! This recipe is made with little prep time and a handful of ingredients. Plus, it's a no bake recipe that is great to make with the whole family. Customize your toppings to include your favorite Easter sprinkles, candy and much more!

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Eleven o'One Chocolate Company - Introducing Luxury Belgian Couverture Chocolate

couverture chocolate

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand of luxury chocolates - Eleven o'One Chocolate Company.
Ideal for pastry chefs and professional chocolatiers, eleven o'one chocolates are a selection of the finest European chocolates.

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