How and When to Use Merckens Chocolate Wafers in Your Bakery

Your bakery requires the best supplies and ingredients so you can create the finest and most desirable baked goods. Without them, your culinary creations won’t come out the way you require, nor will they satisfy your hungry customers. However, there are some baking ingredients that have a multitude of uses along with misuses. So it’s important you know which ingredients to use where to amplify your yummy treats.

When looking for the right ingredients for your bakery along with what they can do for your baked goods, look no further than the products and services from Stover & Company. They can provide you with all the right supplies and ingredients to make your baked goods the best they can be.

One example of fine ingredients that they offer you and your bakery is chocolate wafers. Specifically, Merckens chocolate wafers. They have a wide range of flavors and sizes of these delicious and decadent chocolate wafers available to better your baked goods. But how can you best use these in your bakery?

What Are They?
Merckens chocolate wafers are round and flat pieces of chocolate that are similar to the size of a quarter. They are decadent and extremely useful for all bakers. This is because they are made of premium chocolate and can be used in a variety of ways, as they are extremely versatile.

How Can You Use Them?
Any way you use them is a great way to use them-- they are just that delicious! These delicious pieces of chocolate are perfect on their own as a quick, sweet snack. But, that doesn’t exactly assist you in your bakery. Let’s look at some great ways that you can use them to improve both your bakery and your baked goods.

Decorations in Your Bakery
Before we get into ways you can use them in your baked goods, let’s discuss the ways you can use their naturally decorative traits in your bakery! If you are looking to spice up your display, counter, windowsill, or any other decoration-lacking area, try filling a jar or two with some of these wafers!

You could use multiple jars and fill them with the same color wafers or fill one jar with a colorful assortment of them, making a rainbow pattern or other pattern of your choosing. Not only will it lighten your bakery’s look, but it will be more welcoming towards your customers!

When you place some of your baked goods in a refrigerated display case, you could also decorate the inside with strategically placed chocolate wafers. They would simply add more color and an aesthetically pleasing element, furthering the attractiveness of your business.

Decorations on Your Baked Goods
Just as you might imagine, these wafers make excellent decorations for baked goods along with your bakery’s interior! These are ideal for delicious and decorative toppings for nearly any dessert you whip up. You can place them on top of cupcakes, cakes, pies, donuts, brownies, and even cookies!

Accessorize Your Baked Goods with Them
Of course, we saved the most important way to use them for last: baking with them! When you bake with Merckens chocolate wafers, you will add an unparalleled chocolate flavor to your creations.

There is a wide range of activities you can do with these delicious pieces of chocolate. Because this is one of the most ideal chocolates for melting, you can melt this chocolate and have a field day with it!

One way you can use this melted chocolate is by making it a chocolate dip. Take any of your favorite baked goods, like cookies, brownies, biscotti, cake pops, or even rice crispy treats, and dip them! You could dip all kinds of delicious items into the dip that aren’t even baked to create yummy and unforgettable treats, like chocolate-covered pretzels, marshmallows, and even ice cream! After allowing the chocolate atop these items to cool, you can display and sell these to very happy and satisfied customers.

Another way to use this melted chocolate is by adding it to the top of any of your delectable treats. You can use this chocolate as a coating for all of your baked goods, but you can also use them to add a delicious outer layer to your homemade candy!

You could also take these wafers and crush them instead of melting them. By doing this, you create the perfect texturized and flavorful component for your pie crusts! These specific wafers are extremely popular for use in pie crusts and even cheesecake crusts.

No matter which way you choose to use the delicious and even aesthetically pleasing elements of Merckens chocolate wafers, you nor your customers will be displeased that you did! When looking for the finest bakery ingredients, such as these wafers, or other baking supplies, be sure to consult with Stover & Company. Doing business with them truly is “sweet!”


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