Icing Shortening: Why Every Bakery Needs It and How to Use It

When you are a bakery owner, you know just how important it is to have the best ingredients for your baked goods. Your delectable baked goods require the right supplies and ingredients in order to make them truly outstanding in both flavor and aesthetics. In order to get your desired baked goods, you need to put your faith in the proper supplier.

That’s where we come in at Stover & Company. We are proud to supply all of our customers and their beloved bakeries with the finest ingredients and supplies so they can do what they do best: bake! We have ingredients that are high-quality and have the best prices. We take our customer satisfaction very seriously, along with your customers’ satisfaction.

When purchasing the right ingredients for your bakery, you undoubtedly require a wide variety of them: flour, sugar, sprinkles, eggs, oils, salt, brown sugar, icing, butter, and so much more. One ingredient that is vital for the success of any bakery, however, is icing shortening. But, which are the best options that every bakery needs in bulk and how can you use this product to improve your products?

What is Icing Shortening?
Icing is a major component of most desserts and baked goods. It is often used within cakes as an added layer of moisture and flavor but is also commonly used atop cakes, cupcakes, and other such goodies to add flavor and an aesthetically pleasing element.

Shortening, on the other hand, is used to fry certain foods, like donuts and french fries. It is also used as an ingredient in baking certain goods as well to keep them soft post-baking. Some classic desserts that flourish with this ingredient are cookies, cakes, and pies, especially their crusts.

Icing shortening, however, is a whole different ingredient that serves a different purpose. It is an emulsified shortening, which makes it ideal for baked goods that have more sugar or liquid content. These are especially ideal for making smooth icings and high-volume cakes.

What are the Best Icing Shortening Products?
There are plenty of brands and sizes that you can choose from for this specific ingredient. It can be difficult to identify which are the best for you and your bakery’s needs, though. So which are the best to have in bulk in your bakery?

Alpine Soy Flex
Our top-selling option is Alpine Soy Flex. This particular product is a zero-gram trans fat option that utilizes domestic soybeans. The use of soybeans is exceptional for this product because, when using it in your icings, provides unparalleled softness and creaminess. It’s one of the most ideal options for high-volume icings in particular.

The Alpine Soy Flex also allows your baked goods to be a more consistent texture while also lacking topical oils. Plus, you can use it in a wider range of temperatures. This is the most ideal for your icings, making them even fluffier and creamier than before. It comes in a 50-pound tub so you can use it as much as you would like.

Sweetex Golden Flex
If you are looking for an option that leads to the best high-ratio cakes, then the Sweetex Golden Flex is the best one for you. This non-PHO shortening is zero-gram trans fat and made of soybeans. It contained no moisture at all, which is an imperative feature in creating the most delicious and flavorful treats.

Alongside these already enticing advantages, this option also has incredible spreadability. That way, you can focus on the aesthetics of the icing and less on potentially chipping away at the baked good while spreading. It is the perfect choice for those looking to seamlessly decorate their cakes and other goods. Much like the aforementioned option, it comes in a 50-pound tub for your convenience.

Hymo Soy Flex
Much like our first option, the Hymo Soy Flex contains no trans fat and utilizes the unique qualities of domestically grown soybeans. When using this product in your cakes and their icings, you will be left with a baked good that is delicious and moist. Icings will also be remarkably smooth and creamy-- what everyone wants and needs out of a good icing.

When you are looking to take your baking and decorating expertise to the next level, you should consider harnessing the unique powers of icing shortening. Purchasing any one of the above products from us at Stover & Company will leave you and your customers happy. Be sure to contact us with all your questions so we can best serve you, your baked goods, and your hungry customers.


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