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Getting married has got to be one of the most anticipated and exciting times of your entire life. Since we were all young, the idea of getting married to the love of our lives has been engrained in us. You might have played dress-up when you were a kid and pretended you got married to your imaginary husband or wife. Perhaps you have participated in some weddings as the bridal or groom parties and know first hand of the energy that flows throughout a wedding venue on the big day.

No matter how much or how little experience you’ve had with weddings, everyone has some preconceived notions or ideas of how weddings should be. We see it all the time in movies, TV shows, and in real life. Besides actually getting married to your new husband or wife, there is one thing that many people focus on when it comes to a wedding. That is the wedding cake.

Wedding cakes are a big symbol and part of the beginning of a marriage or wedding. You might have seen through personal experience or through movies or TV of the infamous act of smashing handfuls of cake into the spouse’s face. This act typically happens during the much-anticipated cutting of the wedding cake. This is a fun and longheld tradition amongst many newly married couples. However, that also brings into play the actual wedding cake.

Everybody at a wedding usually looks forward to the wedding cake. Depending on the wedding, you might be served an underwhelming main course, so you know a sweet and delicious piece of cake is coming your way.

Many newly wedded couples like to go all out with their wedding cake. You might see personalized mini statues of the newlyweds sitting atop the cake in their wedding gown and tuxedo. Or, the wedding cake may be embellished with the most beautiful frosting decoration in colors that match the wedding color scheme.

No matter what, the wedding cake is a huge part of the reception. There is a lot that goes into the wedding cake than one would expect. Typically, the couple will have to do a lot of research, cake testings, and investigating of different bakeries to determine how they want their cake to be made.

If you are a cake maker or own a bakery that can make wedding cakes, let’s break down each component into a wedding cake and where you can easily find each ingredient.

All That Goes into a Wedding Cake

Now, there are multiple different parts of a wedding cake that each deserve their explanation. Many people who are planning a wedding put a lot of emphasis on their wedding cake, both on the actual flavor and how it looks. As a baker, it is a big responsibility to perfectly craft someone’s wedding cake to their exact specifications. It is going to be something remembered on the wedding day and possibly in some of the wedding photos.

The most important part about the cake, other than how it looks on the outside, is what is happening on the inside. The flavor of the cake is something that many soon-to-be-wed couples spend a lot of time thinking about and tasting.

According to certain wedding blogs and wedding-focused websites, the most common wedding cake flavors are chocolate, vanilla, funfetti, lemon, and spiced cakes. Here at Stover & Company, we stock our online marketplace with many different flavors of cake mixes and premade cakes that could easily be used for a traditional wedding cake. If you’re a fan of the popular brand Pillsbury, we have a great selection of different flavored Pillsbury cake mixes. We have many wedding cake supplies ready for purchase.

However, in more modern or contemporary weddings, couples have become much more adventurous when it comes to the flavors of their wedding cake. After all, it is their wedding cake. There is a multitude of different flavor combinations that can be done with both the cake and the frostings.

According to accredited wedding websites, some more adventurous and unique wedding cake flavor combinations is as follows:

●Coffee and Cognac

●Cookie dough

●Hazelnut with chocolate (Nutella)

●Ginger and passionfruit


Although these flavors might not be an overall crowd-pleaser like chocolate or vanilla, they can allow your guests to try new flavors they might not have thought to try before. Depending on the couple’s taste, fun and unique flavors like these can bode well as a wedding cake.

Also, depending on when you are holding your wedding, a seasonal cake flavor might be appropriate for the reception. Here are some seasonal cake flavors to take as inspiration.

Autumnal Cake Flavors

●Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting

●White chocolate cake with cranberry or berry filling

●Apple spice with caramel frosting

Winter-Inspired Cake Flavors

●Classic red velvet with cream cheese frosting

●Chocolate cake with minty frosting

●Caramel cake with coffee frosting

Spring-Inspired Cake Flavors

●Vanilla cake with fruit-flavored fillings or frosting (raspberry, strawberry, passion fruit, citrus)

●Citrus cake with fresh fruit and fruit curd (lemon curd with fresh raspberries or strawberries)

Summer-Inspired Cake Flavors

●Classic strawberry shortcake

●Coconut cake with mango-lime flavored curd and frosting

●Almond cake with cherry filling and frosting

The opportunities to have a fun and delicious wedding cake are limitless. There are ample opportunities to get creative with the cake flavor, cake frosting, and potential fruit-flavored curds or fillings. Do some research on unique cake flavor ideas for inspiration or pick whichever flavors you and your partner enjoy.

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Wedding Cake Frostings

Now let’s move on to the second most important part of the cake; the frosting. If the cake is considered the foundation, then the frosting is the sweet and delicious glue. The frosting is also a big part of any cake, especially a wedding cake.

There are many different types of frostings that you can choose from to use on your cake. Here a few common types of frostings that are typically used on wedding cakes


○This has got to be the most popular type of frosting for a wedding cake. Buttercream is a traditional type of frosting that is used on most cakes and cupcakes, too. It’s a crowdpleaser because of its tasty flavor and consistency. Buttercream is made simply with butter and powdered sugar. You can add different flavors or colors to a buttercream frosting because of its neutral color and flavor.

○The only thing to note about buttercream is that it does not hold up well in warmer temperatures, as the butter could melt and run. If you are using buttercream frosting on your wedding cake, it will need to be chilled before it’s brought out to be cut.

●Meringue and Mousseline Buttercream

○This frosting is also used quite often for wedding cakes, although it has a different texture than traditional buttercream. If you are having a wedding in a warmer climate, this might be the better option for frosting, as it can hold better in the heat. To make meringue frosting, you need egg whites, sugar, and other flavorings. The egg whites are whipped on a low flame, to slowly cook the egg whites to a fluffy, cloud-like consistency, giving the frosting an airy texture.

○Mousseline buttercream is a slightly different variation of a meringue buttercream and is considered the more luxurious version. Also known as French or Swiss buttercream, this frosting is prepared with egg yolks, butter, and sugar syrup. These ingredients produce a much richer flavor and texture.

●Whipped cream frosting

○This type of frosting may better suit people who enjoy a light and slightly sweet dessert, as it’s not too overpowering or rich. Whipped heavy cream, sugar, and flavorings are all you need to make whipped cream frostings. Due to its consistency from the whipped cream, this frosting is also highly susceptible to high heat and humidity. Like traditional buttercream, this frosting should be refrigerated for as long as possible to prevent any melting.


○Fondant is a special type of frosting that is usually placed over the top of one of the other frostings above. Fondant is quite an interesting ingredient when it comes to frostings and wedding cakes because it’s very different in the way it’s made and what it’s used for.

What is Fondant and How is it Used?

Fondant is the thick, chewy, and pasty dough that evenly covers most professional cakes. It can be colored in every color imaginable, too. Fondant is typically made with sugar, water, and corn syrup. For sculpting and shaping, gelatin is usually added to form a thicker and more malleable consistency. This ingredient is now more popularly used to sculpt, decorate, and cover bigger, professionally made cakes.

You will typically find fondant on a cake meant for special occasions or more specifically on wedding cakes. Fondant is the preferred type of frosting or icing for decorations and sculpting because it is easy to work with, easy to find, and mostly allergen-free.

There are many different benefits to using fondant over other icings like buttercream or whipped cream frosting. Not only does fondant create a flawless, smooth surface on a cake, but it also lasts much longer than any other form of icing or frosting.

When nicely draped over a cake, it acts as a barrier to the elements such as heat and humidity, making it last much longer than if frosted with any other frosting. You usually can’t trust many other frostings to hold up to any type of weather, but you can trust fondant to hold its shape and not melt.

When chilled in the fridge, the fondant icing can get a bit firmer, but when sat at room temperature it won’t melt and ruin a wedding cake, which could prove disastrous. Since fondant is very easily malleable and shapeable, like sort of a sugar dough, it’s ideal for creating embellishments for the cakes like fondant flowers or other decorations. Fondant is very easily colored, as well, so no matter the wedding color theme, you can achieve anything with this special baking icing.

At Stover & Company, you can find amazing deals on big quantities of favorite brands of fondant. We have many different kinds of fondant in different quantities that will be great for your bakery or caking-making shop. We have 1-5lb tubs of fondant and in many different colors to choose from. All of the wedding cake supplies you need can be easily found on our website at


Now, there are always final touches needed to be had on a wedding cake. You can’t let it go unfinished. Depending on the theme of your wedding, the colors, and what you or your new spouse enjoys, could depend on how the cake is ultimately decorated.

Some people forms of cake decorations include fondant flowers, frosting embellishments, or special writing on top of the cake congratulating the happy couple. More modernly decorated wedding cakes are covered in fresh flowers and fruits, for a more rustic and modern look. Again, it’s all about how you want your wedding cake to look on your big day.

At Stover & Company, we have a great selection of decorating supplies to use for a wedding cake. We have ingredients like sanding sugar, toppings and mixings, pipping gels, and sprinkles. You can trust that Stover & Company will have all the necessary wedding cake supplies to create beautiful wedding cakes for soon-to-be-wed couples.


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