Advice for Buying Cake Supplies Online

When buying your wholesale bakery supplies online, there are quite a few factors to consider. A lot of things go into the creation of a cake product that you sell to a customer and you want to keep track of all these things so that you have everything you need in order to do your job properly. Once you have a good assortment of supplies that cover all your needs, you can work freely and confidently to make anything come to life. Before the baking process can begin, you need to stock up on all the cake supplies you could imagine yourself using for one occasion or another. This is where Stover & Company can come in to help. We want to make things easier for our customers to figure out how to shop for cake supplies online, without forgetting anything, so we want to give you some advice for shopping. Consider these items that we are mentioning the most essential supplies you need and stock up on the best options of each category to fit the needs of your bakery. As you get ready to buy your cake supplies online, double-check to be sure that you have enough of each to hold you over until it is time to repurchase.

Standard Baking Supplies

This category of baking supplies should be fairly self-explanatory, but we will drive home the point further, only because it is so critical. Every bakery should stay well-supplied on the most basic of baking ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda, etc. A quick bit of advice we can give you here is to also pick up some instant cake mix from brands like Pillsbury since it can help you to work faster and more efficiently. You can make most of your dishes from scratch, but cake mixes are a great option as well. These are your core ingredients that will keep your kitchen active and turning out products to your eager and awaiting customers. Without these items, you are going to run into some major issues.

While you may be able to substitute one color of frosting with another or switch up your plans for decorations because you ran out of one thing or another, you cannot make substitutions so easily with baking. Each ingredient serves an important purpose and may not be easy to replace with the supplies you have on hand. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to take some items off the menu or place a hold on all orders until you can buy your much-needed cake supplies online, which equates to income lost. A responsible kitchen should always have a fair supply of these products beyond the absolute necessitiesies. Stay on top of these things, and you will only make things much easier for yourself and your staff.

Cake Decorations

With cake decorating supplies, you get more freedom to choose which components you want to use or not based on your decorating preferences. This could mean sticking to classic buttercreams and gel pipings or going further into edible glitter and candy melts. While exploring your options at baking supply stores, look for the ones you know you will get great use out of first before expanding your supplies to newer materials.

Packaging Products

As we discuss essential cake supplies you should purchase for your business, we need to include cake packaging in the conversation. While it may not be as exciting and creative to some, it is essential to a bakery’s stash of supplies. As wonderful as your treats might be, they can only be purchased if set in the correct packaging, even if it only takes some napkins and a paper bag. Bakeries typically see good sales for their cake products, so it is particularly important that you have suitable packaging for these things. That means getting cake containers and cupcake trays that will fit the sizes and quantities that you need. On top of that, you also want a consistent supply of paper and plastic bags, along with wax paper and napkins. These are likely to go with most if not all of your orders.

Although it might seem like a lot of things to keep track of, it is really not too difficult once you get into the flow of ordering what you need and repurchasing once your current supplies hit a certain point. Reexamine your current inventory and take note of anything that you run through quickly or anything that might be missing, which would make your work much easier. With all of these factors taken into account, you should be able to order all of your cake supplies online in one go and be prepared to create any sort of product you need. Stover & Company can help you once you are ready to start shopping since we carry such a large selection of baking supplies from ingredients to packaging. You can find everything you need and even some things you might want to try out, right here.


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