Stover's Sweet Shoppe Sample Kit

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Stover's Sweet Shoppe Coating Wafers Sample Kit

Try our most popular chocolates and save!

Specifically formulated to melt quickly into a smooth, velvet consistency for all of your chocolate-coated treats, our coating wafers provide a full, even coating with exceptional shine & snap. They're also easy to use - just melt - no tempering required!

Stover's Sweet Shoppe Coating Wafers perfectly complement your dipped desserts with a simply sweet chocolate flavor that is sure to satisfy every sweet tooth.

What's Included:
1lb Stover's Sweet Shoppe Ultra white
1lb Stover's Sweet Shoppe White
1lb Stover's Sweet Shoppe Milk

Ideal for:
- Chocolate coating for cake pops
- Chocolate for cakesicle molds
- Chocolate for candy molds
- Chocolate for breakable hearts
- Chocolate covered strawberries
- Chocolate covered Oreos
- Chocolate covered marshmallows
- Chocolate covered rice cereal treats
- Chocolate dipped cookies

Chocolate is sensitive to humidity. Please keep the chocolate in its original packaging for proper storage. If you purchased a bag of chocolate, please tightly close the freshness sealer on the bag. If you bought a 25 LB box, please keep your chocolate in the blue bag it comes in and then place that entire bag in an airtight storage container. The blueliner provides a moisture barrier.

“I ordered a sample kit to try it & I was amazed at how smooth the compound chocolate was! The Ultra White is such a beautiful color - it isn't sheer or see-through at all. I'm definitely a new customer that will keep returning to buy more!"


Stover's Sweet Shoppe Customer

project ideas

Chocolate Cakecicle Product IdeaChocolate Cakecicle Product Idea

using sweet shoppe wafers

Whether you use the mirco or a double boiler, slow & steady is the key to melting our coating wafers for your projects. 

chocolate dipped marshmallow Project Idea