We’re a Candy Making Supplier, Too! Pick up These Essentials!

Stover & Company might be the first name that comes to your mind when you think about bakery supply, but that isn’t all we do. While it’s true that we specialize in offering the highest quality bakery supplies to our customers, and from a wide range of popular brands, we supply plenty of essential ingredients and packaging supplies to our confectioner customers.

We’re a candy making supplier, too, and we have all of the essentials you could need to make delectable sweet treats that your customers will come back for time and time again. If you’ve come across us in your search for candy making supplies, don’t miss a chance to investigate these top categories!


Some confectioners specialize in making chocolate productions, and chocolate candy molds aren’t the only thing they need to pull everything off. Working with chocolate is a highly specialized operation requiring a finely tuned set of skills. It also requires a finely tuned assortment of specialty ingredients, which is where we come in. You bring the skills, we have the goods.

If you need high-quality couverture chocolate that can be tempered to provide a lustrous glossy presentation and a satisfying, crisp snap on the palate, we have that. If you need compound chocolate that can be easily melted and melted again before molding, we have you covered, too - just check out our collection of Merckens Chocolates before you go.

We have much more than this, too, but stop here first!

Peanut Butter

Not every confectioner works with peanut butter and we know that, but those that do are specialists. The delicious creations you can make with peanut butter are seemingly endless.

You can whip up a delicious and heavy peanut butter fudge or you can literally whip up a light and air peanut butter frosting. You can create peanut butter drops or peanut butter cookies, or you can even create real peanut butter chews or crunchy candy.

They all have peanut butter in common, though, which is why we saved a special place on our website for peanut butter!

Other Nuts and Toppings

Sometimes when you’re making chocolate treats or other flavored candies, the only thing that will do is the real deal. Whether it’s a walnut topping over a molded chocolate drop or you need pecan flavoring in your confections, you can get the highest quality ingredients right here. Check out our collection of nuts, seeds, and oats if you need the rich, unctuous flavors of real nuts in your candy.

All Different Sorts of Sugars

Let’s put it this way, there’s a reason that confectioner’s sugar is called confectioner’s sugar. You might also call it by its more popular name, powdered sugar, but it is what it is because it mixes smoothly, and that makes it great for making very fine baked goods, frosting and icings, and most importantly, candies.

Confectioner’s sugar is the basis of the majority of candies out there, in conjunction with corn syrup. In fact, you can make almost any type of candy you want with the right combination of corn syrup and confectioner’s sugar and the skills to do it. Add in the right flavorings - see below - and you’ll be right on your way to delicious, novel candies.

But that’s not the only type of sugar we offer to our customers! We also offer brown sugars and granulated sugars along with sanding sugar for decoration.


Whether you’re making a caramel chew or you just want the freedom to include some caramel into the center of your chocolate drops, we have what you need. We have both loaves of caramel and liquid caramels, so you can create whatever you desire - or just use the caramel as a drizzle over your finished confections.

Flavoring, Fruits, and Spices

As mentioned above, oftentimes the only ingredients in a confection are powdered sugar, corn syrup, and flavoring, and you can get pretty much everything you need right here. Sometimes what you’re making needs nothing more than a little help from some natural flavorings from fruit or spices, but occasionally you might need some other specialty flavorings as well.

Sometimes you need the boost of an extract or oil, and sometimes you need a little help with coloring as well! You can find them all right here!

Byrnes & Kiefer Candy Centers!

One last thing - if you’re already wrapped up enough in creating your own confections but you just need a candy center to finish it off, don’t forget to check out our collection of ready-made candy centers by Byrnes and Kiefer! A candy making supplier should be ready with essentials like these, and we have you covered.

And Much More

That covers the essentials that you might need from a candy making supplier, but really it only scratches the surface of what we can offer. If you want to learn more about what some of these specialty goods are used for, get in touch with a member of our customer service team. You can reach us anytime at 724-274-6314 and we’d be more than happy to answer your questions!


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