Elevate Your Treats with our Chocolate Moonstones

Our exclusive Chocolate Moonstones are like something you've never seen before but always dreamt about. Don't be fooled by their metallic appearance, these chocolate morsels are made of pure Belgian Chocolate so they melt in your mouth. 

They currently come in four beautiful colors:


Gold Shadow

Belgian Chocolatew Moonstones

White Quartz

Belgian Chocolate Moonstones


Ruby Gold
Belgian Chocolate Moonstones


Belgian Chocolate Moonstones


These elegant, delectable morsels are excellent to add the perfect amount of luxuriousness to any treat! Such as donuts, macarons/macaroons, cupcakes and more! 

Macarons   Donuts

Love all four colors? Check out our Eleven o'one Chocolate Moonstones Sample Kit to try them all out! 



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