4 Delicious Recipes with Dark Chocolate Couverture

Chocolate is one of the most important ingredients to have in abundance in your bakery. A wide range of desserts require it in all of its delicious forms, from chocolate chips to mousse. Although there are many different types and forms of chocolate, it’s important to know the difference and not attempt to swap one for another. That could be disastrous and a waste of precious chocolate and other important ingredients!

We are happy to supply you and your bakery with all of your chocolate needs here at Stover & Company. We carry chocolate in all of its beautiful and delectable forms, along with a host of other bakery supplies and ingredients to create your baked goods. We want to make our customers happy so they can make their hungry customers happy.

When you are contemplating supplying your bakery with the right chocolate, one ingredient you should consider is dark chocolate couverture. Chocolate couverture in general is an important ingredient in a lot of desserts, but having the specific dark chocolate option is an important ingredient to have because it’s such a popular flavor and best completes various recipes.

But first, what is chocolate couverture exactly and what makes it so special? It is premium chocolate that, when properly tempered, provides an unparalleled “snap” when broken, as it contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter (somewhere between 32% and 39%). It adds a unique sheen and a creamier, more delectable flavor.

The question, however, is this: what popular recipes can you use dark chocolate couverture in? Let’s have a look at just four recipes that would greatly benefit from the addition of this ingredient.

1. Dark Chocolate Brownies
Who doesn’t love an ooey, gooey, delicious brownie? You can create some of the most enviable brownies with the addition of dark chocolate couverture in their recipe. In doing so, you will make your brownies not only have a fuller and more robust flavor but also provide that sensational “gooey” trait everyone loves about brownies!

You will need to first melt the chocolate couverture before adding it to the rest of the recipe, which is best done in a water bath. However, you can also temper it in a microwave if need be. Another great way to add a touch more sweetness to it, as dark chocolate can occasionally be a bit too bitter on its own, you can mix it along with milk chocolate couverture. Don’t forget to add chocolate chips!

2. Cake Pops
If you haven’t added the unique sweetness and divinity of cake pops to your menu, then you certainly should do so now! Not only are they delicious, but they also are cute and add a bit of decoration to your display case! Plus, they satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, especially if someone is looking for just a small treat.

In order to have the best of the best cake pops, you should have a variety of them available. Some of them should be dipped in chocolate as well. One of the best chocolates to properly accomplish that is couverture, as it is one of the most ideal chocolates for dipping. Use your dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or even white chocolate to supply your customers with cake pops they won’t be able to stop raving about!

3. Chocolate Candies and Truffles
Bakeries flourish when they load their supply case with the most colorful and aesthetically pleasing small bites, cakes, and other such desserts. Some of the best baked goods to have in your display case are chocolate candies and truffles. In order to make some of these, you can use molding trays and melted chocolate. And guess which chocolate would do an exceptional job in this case? Chocolate couverture.

Creating these with any chocolate couverture would certainly do a great job, but be sure to use the dark chocolate couverture as well in order to satisfy those customers looking for a stronger chocolatey flavor in their candy, truffle, or treat.

4. Lava Cake
We would be remiss if we talked about melting chocolate and didn’t mention some kind of chocolate cake! You can make one of the most delectable and chocolatey cakes with the use of chocolate couverture. Because this type of chocolate is ideal for both dipping and melting, you can create the perfect lava cake with it for those true chocolate lovers!

When bringing the ingredients together, as usual, keep the wet and dry ingredients separate. Melt the chocolate couverture and mix it with the butter, then continue with your preferred lava cake recipe. You won’t be disappointed with this recipe nor will your customers!

When stocking your bakery with dark chocolate couverture and any other supplies and ingredients, be sure to browse our options at Stover & Company. We will be happy to supply you with all your bakery needs so you can supply your customers with delectable and unforgettable treats! 


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