The Versatility of Sweetex Shortening

I’m sure if you have immersed yourself in the cooking and baking world, you have probably heard of shortening before. Shortening, by definition, is any type of fat that remains solid at room temperature. Things like lard, margarine, solidified hydrogenated oils, and even butter could be considered shortening. However, in modern-day cooking and baking, shortening usually refers to hydrogenated oils, like soybean. By taking a quick peek through your kitchen, I’m sure you will find a small container of vegetable shortening or Crisco.

Crisco has historically been the most common brand of shortening used in most kitchens, residential or commercial. Crisco, or any other vegetable shortening, has a high smoke point, meaning it doesn’t easily burn when exposed to high temperatures. Back in the day, it was common to find people frying things in melted Crisco. In contemporary kitchens, people stray away from using Crisco to fry things being that it’s not the healthiest choice.

But in baking terms, shortening is utilized a lot in bakeries and residential kitchens. Its versatility allows it to be multi-purposeful. There are a lot of benefits to shortening and here, we will list them out.

Ways to Use Shortening in Baking

Being that shortening is completely made of fat and nothing else, it doesn’t contain any extra flavor, smell, and is completely fine unrefrigerated. Currently, most shortenings are made with soybean oil, hydrogenated palm oil, or other vegetable oils.

There are a few different varieties of shortening, as well. The four main types of shortening include solid, liquid, all-purpose, and cake or icing shortening. Go to any grocery store and you will be able to find solid shortening packaged in cans, which is the most commonly used shortening. Some shortenings are mainly utilized for professional use, meaning professional kitchens and things of that nature.

Professional or commercial kitchens mainly use all-purpose shortening or cake or icing shortenings, depending on what is being made in those kitchens. Cake and icing shortening is very useful for bakeries and kitchens that produce a lot of cakes.

Cake and icing shortening is an especially interesting ingredient because of how it works. This type of shortening, also known as high ratio shortening, has a higher ratio of fat with some emulsifiers. There are no other components to this type of shortening. Those added emulsifiers allow a mixture to hold more sugar and liquid, making it perfect for cakes and icings.

Why You Should Use Sweetex Shortening

Sweetex shortening and icing shortening used by many bakeries and kitchens are primarily used for these applications. Many professional cake makers add shortening to their icing to allow their cakes to withstand higher temperatures.

Cakes that are ordered for parties or special occasions need to be able to withstand temperature changes and be able to be easily transported to a venue or home. By adding shortening to what the cake is frosted with, it won’t melt or slide off as other frostings would.

What’s so great about brands like Sweetex shortening is that it’s white in color and flavorless. It’s the perfect thing to add to your future frostings and cakes. Cake and icing shortening allows frostings to have outstanding flavor and texture. This product also holds more air, allowing your icing to be light, fluffy, and creamy.

This brand of shortening is made with zero grams of trans fat, which is great for health reasons. This cake and icing shortening also include hydrogenated soybean oil. Brilliant white icings made with Sweetex hold an excellent taste and superior spreadability. If you enjoy crafting decorations made out of icing, then adding this shortening will give cake decorations a lasting hold.

Although cake and icing shortening can be a bit more expensive than traditional shortening, the results are all that matters. Plus, given the nature of shortening from Sweetex, you will get a higher yield and volume; more than any other zero-trans shortenings on the market.

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