How to Shop for Wedding Cake Supplies

The wedding industry is huge for those in the event services space like bakeries. Many businesses rely on these events as their "bread and butter" year after year. These are important events for not just the businesses that depend on the industry but for the customers themselves who are celebrating a major event in their lives. In order to make these special occasions everything the clients could want, you need all the right wedding cake supplies to prepare anything they ask for. Aside from the basic baking ingredients like sugar and eggs, you will need to stay supplied with certain ingredients and materials to make your clients as happy as possible.

Buttercream & Fondant

A bakery truly cannot have enough butter cream frosting, especially when wedding season rolls around. It is necessary to fill, decorate, and add flavor to many baked goods including, of course, wedding cakes. In addition to buttercream, you will need to have a good supply of fondant in assorted colors to cover the cakes in a smooth surface and create some decorative elements with it. Stover & Company has a variety of colors for fondant and food dye so you can transform your buttercream into any color you need.

Decorating Supplies

There are so many ways that you can decorate a wedding cake, you want to have a wide range of cake decorating supplies. Your clients could want any sort of design from elegant and over-the-top to rustic and simple. It is a good idea to have a pantry that is generally well-stocked to meet any of these needs or the needs of any other baked goods apart from wedding cakes.

Piping Bags

Moving on from edible supplies, let's look at some of the tools you will definitely need in order to prepare wedding cakes of all sorts of styles. Piping bags in an assortment of sizes are absolute must-haves in any professional kitchen, but especially those that rely on the business of weddings. Piping bags can be utilized for a wide range of purposes from preparing the cakes to the final stages of decorating them. You always want to have a good supply of piping bags on hand for any of your orders. Larger tipped piping bags can be used during the cake stacking process when you are layering each cake on top of the other. You will need to pipe the buttercream and any fillings onto the cakes before stacking the next cake on top to finish the tier. Later, piping bags can be used to apply a larger amount of buttercream to the outer surface of the cakes as you frost the exterior before smoothing it out and adding details. Even after that, you can use smaller piping bags to create smaller detail work on the wedding cakes. Beautiful piping details are popular with traditional-style cakes and you will certainly receive requests for cakes with piped lace designs or flowers at some point. These are incredibly useful tools that a baker cannot work without. When stocking up on wedding cake supplies, you need to check if you have enough piping bags and in enough sizes.

Cake Drums

While we are on the subject of materials you will need for wedding cakes, we should discuss cake drums. These are important wedding cake supplies from the standpoint of presenting the finished product to the clients. You cannot just box a large cake and send it off to the venue. It has to be supported and presented properly. This is where cake drums come into play. Cake drums are supportive structures for large cakes to rest on top of. They are cardboard or foam boards layered on top of each other and covered in foil as a collective stack. They are used to provide support for medium to large-sized cakes, especially wedding cakes to add to the presentation overall. They create a clean base for the wedding cake to sit on top of and make transportation much easier for the bakery. Cake drums are essential materials for any bakery that produces wedding cakes, so you want to make sure you do not forget these when shopping for your wholesale wedding cake supplies. Stover & Company has packs of cake drums in different sizes so you can prepare with some to spare.

With a kitchen pantry stocked with all these supplies, you will be free to bake and decorate wedding cakes of all different sizes, styles, and flavors. The best way to stay ahead of these larger orders is to stay well-stocked on all of the basic wedding cake supplies you will need like baking ingredients and cake decorating supplies. A well-stocked kitchen will take you far so that you can apply what you have to any sort of wedding cake order that comes in. Of course, you can find all of these supplies right here at Stover & Company, so feel free to browse through our selections to get everything your kitchen needs to contribute to someone’s special day.


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