What Are the Essentials of a Candy Making Supply?

If you’re going to keep your candy making business running strong, you better not run out of these anytime soon. You need a candy making supply with the essentials, and here they are, right here at Stover & Company!

1. Sugar

Sugar’s number one on the list of essentials from a candy making supplier, even though some candies don’t have ‘sugar proper’ in their list of ingredients; that falls to corn syrup, which we’ll investigate below.

Whether you’re melting granular sugar over low heat to create peanut brittle or delicate, pulled candies, or even rock candy, sugar is critical, but you might need more than just white, granulated sugar.

Many confections and fillings are made with a little help from every candy maker’s right-hand go-to, confectioners' sugar, which is why it is so called. The fine texture of confectioners’ sugar, better known as powdered sugar, is ideal for creating fillings, icings, frostings, fudges, and much, much more.

2. Corn Syrup and Cornstarch

If there’s something that’s going to give sugar a run for its money in so much as it is critical to a candy making supplier or a candy maker, it’s the one-two combo of corn starch and corn syrup. Just about every modern confection out there today starts with one of these two; more commonly corn syrup.

Corn syrup can be thickened, it can be thinned, it can be used to make everything from gooey, chewy candies to hard candies and taffy. It is the ultimate secret weapon of a candy maker, and without it, there wouldn’t be much confectionery at all.

Corn starch is a close second, as corn starch can be used as a thickening agent in candy centers, fillings, and other semi-liquid sweet treats. There’s a place for each of them.

3. Flavorings

Flavorings like extracts are critical, too. For everything from candy molds to creamy centers to spice drops and more, flavorings are what differentiate one corn-syrup confection from another.

Actually, what much difference would there be between two gumdrops if it weren’t for the flavoring and a drop or two of coloring? A spearmint gumdrop is the same as a cinnamon gumdrop - but for a drop of spearmint extract and cinnamon extract, respectively.

Give your candies that extra boost of powerful, delectable flavor with the extracts, spices, and flavorings we offer right here.

4. Nuts and Fruits

Sometimes it’s not just about the flavor but also about the texture, and when that matters, you need to add in the real deal, which is often nuts and fruits.

Nuts and fruits add texture, flavor, satisfying mouthfeel, and moisture to your candies. There’s no comparison between the flavor of real peanut butter, real walnuts, or real cherries in candy as compared to the substitute of an extract.

When you need the real thing, go with it - your confections will be the better for it.

5. Chocolates and Caramels

For candies that are made with chocolate, you need, well, chocolate - but the type will matter.

Couverture chocolate can hardly be topped for its rich flavor, luster, and crisp, satisfying snap, but it requires a lot of skill and experience to temper.

Compound chocolates like Merckens chocolates are tops for making chocolate dips or molded chocolate candies. They can be melted easily and then solidified without the need for tempering, and they won’t bloom.

Whether you’re looking for the ease of compound chocolate or the incomparable experience of couverture chocolate, you can get them both right here at Stover & Company!

6. Dairy Products

There are so many things you can’t make without butter, milk, and condensed milk, cream, and cheese. For example, what would fudge be if not for the heavy cream that most fudge makers start with?

By the same token, some fillings and centers require a little help from butter or condensed milk. Dairy products might not get a lot of visibility, but don’t be without them.

7. Ready-Made Candy Centers

Finally, there are times when you just need the simple convenience of a ready-made candy center, especially if you are going to make the rest of the confection from scratch and it will take a lot of work. For times like those, a little help from Byrnes & Kiefer candy centers won’t hurt!

Want to learn more about these ingredients or how they can be used, beyond what you can see here? Get in touch with us by giving us a call and you can speak to one of our representatives. We’re always happy to hear from our valued customers and we’d love to drop you a tip or trick to enrich your day.

Call us up at 724-274-6314 and we’ll let you know more about our candy making supply and what you can do with these essential ingredients. Big, complex delights are made of small, basic ingredients like these - you might be surprised.


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