The Possibilities of Merckens Chocolate

At Stover & Company, we dedicate our business to providing a wealth of ingredients for baking and confectionery. Whether you run a professional operation or foster a personal passion for creating sweet treats, you can find whatever you need here, as well as a surprise from time to time.

One of our most popular brands is Merckens, and Merckens chocolates are a perennial favorite among bakers and confectioners. This is not only due to the high quality of the chocolates and wafers they use but also to the fact that their consistency is excellent and they can be put effectively to so many uses. As you will see, working with Merckens chocolate can be so easy you might even call it fun; Other types of chocolate like couverture chocolates can require a great deal of experience and precise to melt and temper properly, but many Merckens products can be easily melted, remelted and dipped or molded with almost no experience whatsoever.

However, experienced or not, many of our customers love Merckens because their chocolate products can be used for so many different purposes, as you will shortly see.

Dipping and Confections

Merckens fine chocolates are probably most widely used because some of their products are so easy to melt and remelt and do not require tempering. Merckens chocolate wafers, specifically, are not only easy to melt and remelt, but they have an excellent consistency that is ideal for dipping and molding into chocolate pops and other confections.

Merckens Milk Chocolate Wafers, for example, make not only a great snack but are ideal for melting, dipping, and molding. Because these wafers are made with palm oil, they have a smooth, almost buttery consistency, even when solid, and can be very easily melted. They do not require tempering after they are melted, and can be molded into candy treats with the greatest of ease.

Plenty of Colors

Another thing that our customers love about Merckens wafers is the fact that they are available in so many different colors. This makes decorating and accenting with Merckens candy products so much easier. You don’t have to do any dying and hardly any mixing; you can find a wide assortment of colored Merckens wafers via the link listed above, making them ideal for decorating at nearly any time of year.

This makes them particularly desirable for seasonal creations, such as during the winter holidays or around Halloween, Easter, or even the Fourth of July. If you need red and green wafers, orange wafers, even red, white, and blue wafers, it’s never been easier than it is with Merckens! Their wafers come colored and are ready to use.

Yucatan Dark Chocolate

In addition to their candy wafers that make experimenting with your candy and chocolate creations easier than ever before, Merckens also produces some very high-quality products that are just as highly esteemed for their quality.

Merckens Yucatan Dark Chocolate is equally well desired but for different reasons. Its quality is evident almost from its visual appeal alone - it is a deep, rich black color, and it is made with fine chocolate liquor, blended with sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla. To ensure its quality, it is produced in a plant on segregated equipment as well. If you need real, high-quality chocolate rich in cocoa content, you can’t go wrong with this selection from Merckens.

Liquor Chips

Merckens Robin Liquor Chips are another fine offering from our collection of Merckens fine chocolate products. Like Merckens Yucatan Dark Chocolate, these liquor chips are blended from a superior quality blend of natural and dutch chocolate liquors - these chips boast of 100% cocoa content and have a powerful, unforgettable flavor. Like the Yucatan Dark Chocolate mentioned above, these chips can be used where you need good chocolate to lend its graces to your finished confectionery creations.

Other Possibilities

With Merckens fine chocolate products, the only real limitation on the possibilities of what you can put together is your own creativity. Whether you need chocolate wafers for melting and molding that require no tempering, or rich, dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, you can find it in our collection of Merckens products.

At the same time, we also recognize that it’s rare that a confectionery creation, even one focusing on chocolate, contains chocolate alone. For that reason, we offer our customers a huge catalog of ingredients for baking and candy making, including but not limited to flours, sugars, doughs, mixes, flavorings, extracts, nuts, chocolates, and decorating supplies. Even that list, comprehensive as it is, pales in comparison to what we offer on our site.

If you need any help finding something to make your vision reality, please reach out to our team at 724.274.6314 and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. We share your passion for quality homemade creations, and if we can help you make it, we consider it a job well done.


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