Save Money with 22lb Merckens Cases

At Stover & Company, we take pride in our commitment to quality & customer satisfaction! As a family owned & operated business, we take customer feedback seriously & adjust where we can to best fit your needs. 

That’s why we’ve decided to make our journey in providing the finest coating wafers even sweeter with this game-changing announcement:

Merckens Cocoa Lite (Milk) , Merckens Cocoa Dark, & Merckens White now available in 22lb cases!

What’s this mean for you? LOWER SHIPPING COST

Did you know shipping costs are calculated by the carrier, based on distance, speed & weight of your order? Packages over 50LBs tend to cost significantly more to ship. That's why we've launched select Merckens flavors in 22lb cases to help reduce your shipping costs

Now you can purchase up to 44lbs of compound coatings, with LOWER shipping options! 



We heard you! 

Our dedication to providing top-tier chocolate & coating wafers led us to invest in a brand new, state-of-the-art machine, capable of processing & packing down 10,000 pounds of chocolate per hour. This technological leap has opened up new possibilities for us to better serve our valued customers.

As we work hard to get our new, high-capacity machine optimized, we will continue to add 22lb case options to our product lineup, beyond our Merckens offerings. Keep an eye on your favorite chocolates & compounds for new sizing options! 

We thank you for your valued business! 





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